Bug #1212

Disable flying rifle grenade sound

Added by Bystry 21 days ago. Updated 12 days ago.

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Category:Mod CGAME
Target version:2.77
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Remove very annoying sound of rifle grenade flying next to/towards a player.

Hatcher wrote on Discord (19.02.2019):

I’ve found that sound. It’s an original sound file from etmain’s pak0.pk3.
Most likely the original developers decided on not using it after all for the same reason we’re complaining about. It’s nost just annoying but also a cheesy sound effect. Later mods like ETPub which Legacy is based on must’ve decided to reintroduce it if it wasn’t somebody from Legacy.


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Note: the SDL and OpenAL backend provide a quite different experience (f.e., I don’t even hear that sound when using the grenade launcher with SDL2, and with OpenAL it actually improves the audio experience imho). I don’t understand the complaints from people saying it’s "loud" and "cheesy", but these issues might be due to using SDL2 - I have been using OpenAL as my backend of choice since a lot of time. Test and investigate with SDL2 backend.

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