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Add voting/referee option to extend time of a match

Added by artium about 1 year ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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Target version:2.78
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This is a feature suggestion for the mod.

Add voting/referee option to extend time of a match. Currently it is possible to set the time of the match by the admin, but once it started, it can not be altered.

The request is to allow the referee to set exactly how much time left during the match (extending or shortening it) and ordinary players to call votes for extending/shortening by prdefined X minutes ( I suggest X=5 minutes).


#1 Updated by Spyhawk about 1 year ago

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#2 Updated by ryven about 1 year ago

An admin can change time after the match start by altering `/timelimit <n>` cvar.
A referee can change time too, by executing next command `/ref timelimit <n>`.
For instance, to extend match for another 5 minutes you would set something like this `/timelimit 35` or this `/ref timelimit 35`.
Basically the formula to compute time extension or shrinking: `time_limit - time_elapsed = final_time`

#3 Updated by Spyhawk 12 months ago

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There is also support for timelimit vote already. We’d just need an extra UI option and apply the formula above, or rather, modify the existing option.

#4 Updated by Spyhawk 10 months ago

  • Target version changed from 2.77 to 2.78

Delaying to 2.78. Requires some UI work (and negative number seem to be rather annoying to handle there), and timelimit just work anyway.

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