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Bundle all /cg_bob* cvars in one

Added by keMoN 10 months ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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There are 4 cvars in ET for a bobbing effect:

/cg_bobpitch simulates a head 'bobbing’ effect when moving, by giving the camera a forwards/backwards movement similar to nodding.
/cg_bobroll simulates a head 'bobbing’ effect when moving, by giving the camera a left/right movement similar to "sideways-nodding".
/cg_bobup simulates a vertical body 'bobbing’ effect when taking a step by giving the camera a vertical jerk. Feels inconsistent!
/cg_bobyaw likely was intended to simulate a sideways body 'bobbing’ effect when taking a step by turning the camera left and right.

/cg_bobyaw was already commented in original ET source and has been removed in ET: Legacy.

/cg_bobpitch and /cg_bobroll have the same default of "0.002" and /cg_bobup has a very similar default of "0.005".

I propose to remove the remaining 3 cvars as well and simply bundle them in one cvar: /cg_bobbing.
I tried 0.002 on all three of them and camera movement still feels very normal, so no real computation to derive cg_bobup from the base value would be necessary.


#1 Updated by keMoN 10 months ago

I would also propose to recompute the value range, because a value of 0.002 doesn’t feel intuitive.
Would it be possible to internally recompute it so a cvar value of 0.5 internally corresponds to the current default of 0.002.
And then allow a range of 0 to 1, with the current default being a medium value.

#2 Updated by Spyhawk 10 months ago

I’d go one step further and make that single cvar an on/off option.
Default values are good, and people tend to just disable them entirely, rather than setting custom values.

#3 Updated by keMoN 10 months ago

Absolutely fine with me.
I tried setting other values, everything above the default makes me actually quite dizzy
I don’t understand how people play with that in Apex Legends. There the bobbing is insane.

Bystry, Kimi and zing proposed disabling it by default

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