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Replace medic syringe heal option by Lua

Added by Spyhawk 5 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Replace g_misc 2 option "medic syringe heal" by a Lua script and remove it from the codebase.

(talking about revive-kill mechanic)

ryven: kill-revive is good mechanics, it actually serves own purpose, et is full of these little mechanics that are not realistic but they are actually doing well for the balance, like in case of kill-revive you are paralyzing your teammate for a moment or two, which itself is adding something to the strategy enemy can take
spyhawk: @ryven yeah maybe. I might be more annoyed by the existence of the "medic syringe heal" g_misc option (I think it heals only when the health is lower than half, so medic shoot the player a little to quick heal them)
ryven: @spyhawk it’s the one where you can heal non wounded player? then yeah, that’s such a lame feature, makes medics more lazy and quite unfair
kemon: stuff like that should go in a separate mod. :smile:
ryven: yeah, exactly what i wanted to propose with my lua modules idea
spyhawk: yeah. It the kind of stuff we added while being half convinced it was a good idea.

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Related to ET: Legacy Development - Task #1240: Replace debug CVARs with Lua New 01.04.2019

Associated revisions

Revision e9e33640
Added by ryven 4 months ago

game: fixed syringe ammo lost and expanded Lua API, refs #1246 #1238

  • externalized medic syringe healing feature to be implemented in Lua
    instead of C code
  • extended Lua API with new constants, and auxiliary functions
  • fixed bug when 1 syringe ammo was lost on failed healing/reviving
  • fixed bug when Lua vm stack was uncontrollably growing after each hook
    callback call


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  • Related to Task #1240: Replace debug CVARs with Lua added

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