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Add semi-randomized player faces

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ET has 5 classes in each team, each having an uniform clearly designed to be easily recognizable during battle.
It would however be great to introduce more cosmetic variation, with semi-randomized faces for each player. If not random, they could be selected from a bigger pool of available faces.

See ET-HQ from acqu. which implements a complete character customization system - though I doubt we should go to that extreme.

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing as a medic while proudly harboring a mustache, this is for you!

1.jpg - WolfET promo picture before Activition cancelled it (single player part)) (65.6 KB) Spyhawk, 20.04.2019 11:35

jeu-167.jpg (251 KB) Spyhawk, 14.06.2019 13:20



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