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Replace old logo with new one everywhere

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The original logo has been replicated in illustrator to follow clear shapes, dimensions and use straight lines.
The old one occasionally had crooked lines or differently sized spaces.

The original design still remains intact and all credit for the design obviously still remains with deep.

Logo can be found here in multiple variations.

spectator_new.tga - spectator limbo (48 KB) Spyhawk, 23.06.2019 19:42

unknownmap-new.tga (192 KB) Spyhawk, 23.06.2019 19:55

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Revision 13c52dfe
Added by keMoN 2 months ago

misc: updated logo, refs #1259

Revision 55be4dae
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sdl: updated splash logo, refs #1259


#1 Updated by keMoN 7 months ago

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#2 Updated by Spyhawk 7 months ago

Note: logo at startup requires binary encoding, see misc/splash.jpg and src/sdl/sdl_splash.h.

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  • Priority changed from Normal to Low
  • Target version changed from 2.78 to 2.77

#4 Updated by Spyhawk 5 months ago

Semi-related: We should ensure the original WolfET logo is replaced too, since we have our own logo. This might also be important in case we ever go standalone.
Tracked in #1332.

  • replace logo in UI (limbo panel, image preview in server browser...)
  • keep the Axis flag for now. While it could be replaced by a generic Axis logo, it might be bad to lose the "Wolf" feeling entirely.
  • keep the WolfET logo somewhere in credits? We actually never mention ETL is based on WolfET source code...
  • update the legalities to include Zenimax (which acquired Id Software in 2009), see https://splashdamage.com/legal/ (done)

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