Feature #1273

Add option to disable rifle grenades without disabling K-43 and M1 Garand

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Important for 3on3 competitive config. Probably related to b_riflegrenades (1) and team_maxRiflegrenades (0) cvars from etpro global 3on3 config.

From etpro changelog (http://etpro.anime.net/changelog.html): rifle grenades may be disabled through b_riflegrenades (default 1, enabled)

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Revision 5d01dcd5
Added by MAUSER 9 months ago

game: added option to disable rifle grenades, fixes #1273

team_riflegrenades = 1 is default. 0 disables them for both teams, while
leaving the rifles themselves available.


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From etpro doc

Misc weapon restrictions:
b_riflegrenades (default 1, enabled) allows admins to enable/disable rifle grenades (useful for LMS/OLTL games)

Note: OLTL = One Life To Live. Sounds like the original name of Battle Royale...

  • add cvar to 3on3 config/make sure it is disabled on others
  • ensure omnibot respects the cvar

Hint for implementation: check how silenced pistols are "added" to covops class in AddWeaponToPlayer(). Check silencedSideArm = 2 too (actually for riflenade!)

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