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The colours feature made me think a little bit more about compass usability and I started paying more attention to it and think about how it could be improved. With alternative HUD the compass displayed in the bottom part of screen is pretty small, the players icons are almost invisible with big zoom and you can mainly use it for the "syringe" icon. While the command map is very good to track your teammates, it’s very hard with the compass. I had a talk with hatcher about it and we came to the conclusion that it could be made bigger by cutting off the edges with directions. Together with the colours it would greatly improve in general the compass functionality, especially for competitive gameplay. Hatcher made a prototype, you can see it on screenshots above (before and after).

The direction have they’re usefulness too, but I’d agree it’s too wide. A thinner one would be much cleaner imho.

2019-05-06-174642-fueldump.jpg - hatcher's prototype compass (514 KB) Bystry, 06.05.2019 18:35

2019-05-06-174927-fueldump.jpg - alternate HUD compass (530 KB) Bystry, 06.05.2019 18:36

2019-05-06-181627-goldrush.jpg - hatcher's prototype compass with FT members' icons (414 KB) Bystry, 06.05.2019 18:36

z_simple_compass.pk3 (4.65 MB) keMoN, 10.05.2019 12:01

2019-05-06-181627-goldrush-2.jpg (441 KB) keMoN, 10.05.2019 16:47

compass_close.png (95.3 KB) Bystry, 10.05.2019 19:58

battalion_1944.png - Battalion 1944 compass (767 KB) Spyhawk, 26.05.2019 14:19


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cgame: increased compass size on alternate huds, refs #1282


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i had the exact same idea when i was working on custom HUD
i think it should be done with using componentStyle::STYLE_SIMPLE
so far STYLE_SIMPLE is only used for drawing skills

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Improved graphics and used higher resolution. Also included .psd for future reference.
This simply makes the compass border thinner and replaces the direction with a single red indicator for North.
Size of map needs to be adjusted in code.

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Currently, Fireteam members are marked on the compass with a white icon. This is present even when those members are already in close enough vicinity to be drawn on the minimap.
I propose to use the player’s icons instead. This can be combined with @bystry’s suggestion of coloured player icons (#1271). In "2019-05-06-181627-goldrush-2.jpg" they are represented by the white icons. Fireteam members that are not in vicinity of the minimap are drawn on the border and receive an arrow indicating that they are out of bounds. Fireteam members in minimap vicinity are drawn as usual in their respective colour.
Same thing with revive icons and medic/ammo requests. When out of bounds they receive an arrow and if in vicinity they are simply drawn without it on the minimap.

The transition from compass to minimap will be strange at first, because they can’t smoothly move it as the minimap is fixed in its direction and the compass isn’t. Therefore, the icons will hop to where they need to be instead of smoothly moving inwards to the minimap.

The compass itself is only a thin metal ring with a red triangular marker for North that rotates around. The other icons should rotate around as well resulting in a metal ring with differently coloured arrows pointing outwards. The minimap in the center can be enlarged to meet the bounds of the compass and therefore display more information to the player, but otherwise it would stay unaltered.

//EDIT to reduce spam: Possible palette with distinct colours also this one

//EDIT again:
To distinguish FT members in the fireteam menu, colour the class icon in the respective colour. No extra shape needed.

//EDIT again:
Reduce max FT member count to 6 and use a max of 6 FT (6x6)
use extended card decks for indentification
Use triangles for player icons on minimap with their rotation indicating their fov

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