Task #1290

Replace current weapon icons

Added by keMoN 8 days ago. Updated about 1 hour ago.

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Target version:2.77
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We are currently using the weapon icons from the HUD for cg_simpleItems 1
Especially, weapons are horribly stretched in this use case so a new set of icons should be created which can be properly used in the HUD and for that cvar.


#1 Updated by Spyhawk 8 days ago

To keep in mind: these (distorted) icons are used to improve usability. A possible visual improvement shouldn’t have downside for players using cg_simpleItems.

#2 Updated by keMoN about 7 hours ago

Is it possible to only display those items that the player can actually pick up?
So that a Medic doesn’t see the FG42 icon or a Panzerfaust item for example.
That could improve visibility as well.

#3 Updated by Spyhawk about 2 hours ago

Should be, yes. That’s a good suggestion.

We should however decide what to do with the non-relevant icons too:
  • display them as 3D models (as usual)
  • display all items as simplified icons, but use a dimmer icon (for example).
  • don’t display them at all?

Second option might be preferable for players, would be more consistent (imho) and would also be a bit simpler to implement than first option.

#4 Updated by ryven about 1 hour ago

I would go with 1st option perhaps, since the idea of simple items is not to save frames, but to improve visibility anyways.

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