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Exclude heavy weapons from the best accuracy award calculation

Added by artium 4 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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This is a feature request for the ETL mod.

When calculating who is the player with best accuracy, exclude the hits made by heavy weapons.

Currently, someone using flamethrower will get the accuracy boosted but someone using mg will get it reduced.
This makes the award at the end of the game meaningless.

Related issues

Related to ET: Legacy Development - Feature #478: Improve statistics Fixed 06.01.2014

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Added by Spyhawk 3 months ago

mod: exclude heavy weapons from accuracy computation, refs #1302 #478


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Yeah agree on the idea. We probably should disable accuracy for all weapon that can’t do headshot, and maybe introduce a new awards for HW (not needed, there is already a best soldier award).

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Note: The "Topshot" stats windows only display bullet weapons now (since it’s based on accuracy too). I don’t think it is useful to have other weapon (landmine, flamethrower, artillery, etc.) listed there, but let me know if you think otherwise.
Knives are also excluded from accuracy stats (since they can’t do headshot either, and they are mostly used to send players to limbo so accuracy is irrelevant here).

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