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Windows 64bit Support for ETL

Added by RaFaL 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Target version:2.78
OS:Windows Arch:64-bit


Let add 64bit support for Windows and there is a reason and prove for make it happen.

Whenever i do devmap some maps with our HD textures installed like goldrush, dinkershing by kemon I am starting to get errors due too some limitations.
Not sure if everyone experienced that one.

PS: And of course R2 is used.

reasonfor64bit.jpg (170 KB) RaFaL, 10.01.2020 22:29


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Revision 818318be
Added by RaFaL 2 months ago

client: dirty fix for buflen bufferoverflow, refs #1389

I did failed why some #define macro could lost his assigned value thus causing more issue with Q_strncpy() in LAN_GetServerInfo() and LAN_GetServerAddressString() is affected too.

Revision 5cad58f1
Added by RaFaL 2 months ago

renderer2: fix compiler warning, refs #1389


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