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Rename Legacy mod to League

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It’s been a while ET:Legacy (engine) and Legacy (the mod) have been mixed up and confusing everyone, despite being two different things.
"Legacy" also has a double meaning, one being positive (cultural legacy) while the other is not (obsolete).
To clarify, rename the Legacy mod to "League".

Advantages are:
  • Clarify what the mod part is, and what the engine part is.
  • Give a clear signal to the etpro community that the mod is a viable alternative
  • Bypass the pakisolation transition issue from 2.76 to 2.77 (#1161) by "forcing" to download in a new mod directory
This is more than a simple string change.
  • Default subdirectory has to be changed
  • Server browser has to be adapted
  • References to "Legacy" in the mod code need to be adjusted
  • Requires to adjust the string in the logo (engine logo and mod logo?) for UI (Legacy) and splashscreen (ET:Legacy). The "L" itself is fine to have in both
  • Remove remaining LEGACY mod defines from the engine
  • Combine both assets and binary paks into single one.

Do this last before release, only once all competitive features are included.


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