Bug #1398

unassigned cursorHint for func_invisible_user

Added by keMoN about 1 month ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Target version:2.77
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When a `func_invisible_user` entity doesn’t have a `cursorHint` key assigned, the game uses the `HINT_ACTIVATE` hint by default. However, the problem is that this hint is displayed even at ridiculous distances. I think up to 1024 in-game units with direct line of sight.
Additionally to this, when aiming at the hint, the console gets flooded with the warning message that you can see in the top left corner of the second image.

First image is with `cursorHint: HINT_ACTIVATE` where the hint is only displayed in regular distance. Second is a buggy example without `cursorHint` assigned

shot0008.png (5.06 MB) keMoN, 17.02.2020 20:31

shot0009.png (6.04 MB) keMoN, 17.02.2020 20:31


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Revision 3cea64b8
Added by Spyhawk about 1 month ago

mod: fixed cursor hint icon and distance for HINT_BAD_USER and ET_ALARMBOX, refs #1398


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The distance is set to max to help debugging, but changing the icon to something not-default should make more sense (ie, the unexpected "no shoot" icon is a good fit). I also found an issue with ET_ALARMBOX where the distance wasn’t explicitly set.

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