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Show fireteam members latched class

Added by Jacker almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Implementation of the b_latchedclass from etpro, what it means is basically an simple info in the fireteam window that shows the fireteam members next class (if it is different than the current class). So that members of the fireteam know that someone is switching class. Should be quite simple to add. Ill add a cg_latchedclass cvar so that people who dislike it can disable it.

fireteam.jpg - Fireteams latched class (6.74 KB) Jacker, 20.03.2013 19:56


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Related to ET: Legacy Development - Feature #257: b_fireteamLatchedClass 0 Fixed 17.03.2013

Associated revisions

Revision a639e6da
Added by Jacker almost 7 years ago

cgame: cg_fireteamlatchedclass added, server side still need a bit of work, refs #239

Revision 54dbe2e2
Added by Jacker almost 7 years ago

qagame: send clientinfo when class is changed, refs #239


#1 Updated by Jacker almost 7 years ago

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cg_fireteamlatchedclass is now added and it works, but still needs to be fixed on the server side (the server only send the info if weapon has changed, so it should also send the info if the class has changed).

#2 Updated by Jacker almost 7 years ago

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Works now as in etpro. Will update wiki as well.

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