Bug #264

Bugged Compass and Commandmap

Added by Harlekin over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Category:Mod CGAME
Target version:2.71rc2
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Command map and Compass ist bugged with bots. commandmap in limbo seems to be fine.
Was testing the game with bots... maybe only bots are showing wrong.

2013-03-22-180645-radar.jpg (30 KB) Harlekin, 22.03.2013 18:43

2013-03-22-180648-radar.jpg (268 KB) Harlekin, 22.03.2013 18:43


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#1 Updated by Harlekin over 6 years ago

I was wrong, even command map in limbo menu is bugged.

#2 Updated by IR4T4 over 6 years ago

  • Target version set to 2.71rc2

#3 Updated by IR4T4 over 6 years ago

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I can’t reproduce. Does it still occure? If so please add some info about used system and r_mode.

#4 Updated by Harlekin over 6 years ago

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Tested on et3.hirntot.org:27999 compiled from git
also tested it with RC1 and got the same problem.

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz
Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS
3.2.0-39-generic x86_64

GL_RENDERER: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
GL_VERSION: 3.3.11627 Compatibility Profile Context
MODE: -2, 1920 x 1200 fullscreen

Commandmap is still buggy

#5 Updated by Jacker over 6 years ago

I have been trying to reproduce this, but haven’t been able to. Harle can you clean up your basepath and build the latest bins and packs.

#6 Updated by Harlekin over 6 years ago

Cleaned base&homepath and build again from git. Got still the same strange compass as before. Maybe this is a linux related bug or something with my compile is wrong.

Release a nightly build then i can test someone else build

Current search path:
/home/gameserver/et/testbox/legacy/pak3_v2.70rc1.pk3 (691 files)
/home/gameserver/et/testbox/legacy/etl_bin_v2.70rc1.pk3 (6 files)
/home/gameserver/et/etmain/pak2.pk3 (22 files)
/home/gameserver/et/etmain/pak1.pk3 (10 files)
/home/gameserver/et/etmain/pak0.pk3 (3725 files)
/home/gameserver/et/etmain/mp_bin.pk3 (6 files)

#7 Updated by 100zherBG over 6 years ago

I haven’t reproduced this issue at my ET: Legacy 2.71 RC1 & No Quarter 1.2.9 Beta6 & Omni-Bots 0.82 Linux server ( My current configuration is a http://iyi.stozher.com/ (add /web-downloads/etwolf/ to address).

I see other strange issue before week at your server Harlekin. I’m at work currently and don’t test at this time...

If spectate omnibot outside of player, strange long distance wrap appear. Player body disappear at after second or two appear at new position for example at other side of street. If spectate from player view I haven’t see this issue.

#8 Updated by ailmanki over 6 years ago

Harlekin - have you also updated omnibots? And which cvars are set for the bots? And do you have anti-wallhack enabled?

100hzerBG - The wrapping of players - sounds like you have anti-wallhack enabled?

#9 Updated by IR4T4 over 6 years ago

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#10 Updated by Harlekin over 6 years ago

This settings cause the bug on my server. Removed them and everything is fine.
set sv_wh_active "1"
set sv_wh_bbox_horz "30"
set sv_wh_bbox_vert "60"
set sv_wh_add_xy "1"

#11 Updated by IR4T4 over 6 years ago

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closed: same issue as #268

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