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join unused vertices to reduce poly-count
EasyGen gives you a predefined set of brushes/triangles which can be manipulated in their height. This is highly unfortunate!
When you want your terrain to have a mountairange outline with a valley in the middle (e.g. v2-base) you have a LOT of flat and therefore unnecessary brushes in the valley part which are bad for performance.
In Blender you can simply select multiple vertices and merge/join them. This leaves you with a highly improved mesh where all the tiny, unused brushes are merged into bigger ones.
in this video you can see this functionality in blender (starting around minute 4)

set brush width on export
The terrain you export with EasyGen creates solid blocks which go completly down to the bottom of the map. This is really annoying when you plan to create tunnels/structures underneath the terrain (e.g. Axis Lab)
The mapper has to drag the seperate blocks up as good as possible, leaving him with block sections of different heights. This still isn’t nice to work with, but sadly all that is possible.
You should implement an export function, in which you can set the brush-width. So the inner vertices are simply created with a certain distance from the outer vertices leaving you with brushes of a constant thickness.
Basically an inverted version of your terrain when watched from underneath. This simplifies mapping a lot when you want to create bunkers/tunnels underneath.


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1) I see, but it will block the mapper from any further editing, like if you want to add manually noise later.

2) False, there’s an option to make the triangle thin in EG In Export, the box "Thin Mesh".

I think 1944 Nordwind was done like that.

User-defined value would be an extended behaviour of the current implementation, should’t be hard.

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