Bug #516

ET patch collision bug

Added by ZTM about 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Target version:2.71rc4
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There was a change made in vanilla ET to CM_AddFacetBevels in cm_patch.c that caused some axial patch planes not to be added. This allows walking through some patches (like cylinders) along axial directions.

The issues was reported by Tobias Kuehnhammer for Spearmint (ioq3 with some ET changes). I’ve confirmed the issues exists in ET:Legacy. As far as I can tell the change was to optimize loading patches (but it finds some false-positives). I fixed it by reverting back to Q3/RTCW code (which works in ETL too): https://github.com/zturtleman/spearmint/commit/205b56b9f3c7f0df27f9631ff9449b8df1435567

To load the Q3 map (mentioned below) in ET:Legacy, allow loading BSP version 46 in cm_load.c and tr_bsp.c. You might want to test the map in Q3 first to get feel for the map / easier to follow diections to find the cylinders.

HOW TO REPRODUCE (written by Tobias Kuehnhammer, references to Spearmint replaced with ETL):

  1. If you haven’t it on your HDD, please download this map: http://lvlworld.com/download/Rainy%20Day
    The map is called 'ct3tourney2’ (Rainy Day)
  2. Put the ct3tourney2.pk3 into your ETL game directory and start this map with /devmap ct3tourney2
  3. This map has no 'initial spawnpoint’ so you will spawn anywhere and we have to navigate through the level to find the location:
    1. Walk around through the level. We have to find the 'Red Armor’! If you find the 'GL’ or 'RL’, you are very close to the 'Red Armor’.
      Screenshot A shows where the 'Red Armor’ is located.
    2. Pick up the 'Red Armor’ but don’t move any further. Turn around until you see two cylinders in front of a wall.
      Screenshot B shows these two cylinders / kind of pipes. They are very near next to you, on the same floor height.
    3. Walk to these cylinders. In ioquake3 you can’t walk inside/through these cylinders. In ETL you can!
      If it doesn’t happen at the first time. Try to enter them from another side/angle. Sometimes you can walk only through one cylinder, sometimes you can walk trough both.
      Sometimes you can walk in and out and sometimes you will get caught! Try to stop movement and turn your view, it seems more likely that it is easier to get caught when looking around!
      Screenshot C shows a player inside these two cylinders.
  4. Maybe this will help. I decompiled the map and made a screenshot of the specific brushwork.
    Screenshot D shows the cylinders in Radiant editor. There is no clip brush around the meshes. They are 'worldspawn’ brushes, not 'func_group’ entities.

screenshot b.jpg (1.44 MB) ZTM, 22.02.2014 05:17

screenshot a.jpg (1.58 MB) ZTM, 22.02.2014 05:18

screenshot c.jpg (732 KB) ZTM, 22.02.2014 05:18

screenshot d.jpg (1.89 MB) ZTM, 22.02.2014 05:18


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Revision abd2d4d9
Added by ZTM almost 6 years ago

Remove ET patch bevel axial plane optimization, fixes #516


#1 Updated by Jacker about 6 years ago

I believe this bug can be replicated easily on Goldrush (with some of the barrels and the bank door pillars). So no need to load up an Q3 map for it

#2 Updated by Radegast about 6 years ago

  • Description updated (diff)

#3 Updated by IR4T4 about 6 years ago

I jost wonder why they did change the code for ET.

#4 Updated by ZTM about 6 years ago

Yeah, as a spectator I can fly into the 2 pillars in front of bank in goalrush (straight on and from the side) using the ET method. With the Q3 method I cannot.

#5 Updated by Spyhawk almost 6 years ago

  • Target version changed from N/A to 2.71rc4

I’d suggest to apply the patch for 2.71rc4, and we’ll see if the original change had any use in practice.

#6 Updated by ZTM almost 6 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed
  • % Done changed from 0 to 100

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