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Issues with a name having ' ^ ' after it

Added by Saukko over 5 years ago.

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So having ^ in the end of your name has some slight issues. Only places where it shows correctly are game options and limbo menu. For example I have set my name as "boi^" but after renaming, console shows that I changed my name into "boi". When hovering my cursor with another client over the player, it shows as "boi" instead of "boi^". \players show it as "boi" and the list goes on. And using \dumpuser needs the whole name "boi^" and since it’s not shown for the server host, he might not know about that ^ which he can’t see.

There’s also one case where you can see the whole name "boi^" when you get kicked by too many complaints. Then it’s shown. (see the screenshot).


2014-11-28-154057-Baserace_desert.jpg (263 KB) Saukko, 28.11.2014 15:08

boi2.jpg (361 KB) Saukko, 28.11.2014 15:09

boi1.jpg (450 KB) Saukko, 28.11.2014 15:09


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