Bug #734

Max Lives feature bugs

Added by Saukko over 5 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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There’s a bug with this feature. If you don’t tick the feature on, it will cause a couple of things:

- #733 happens
- By not ticking the feature on it will still show that the feature is enabled on loading
- The number of max lives is correct when unticked, and if the feature is ticked it will show you one live more than supposed to but you will lose that extra live after warmup

I’m quite sure I missed something. If I did I will add it here later on.


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Related to ET: Legacy Development - Bug #1284: Wrong number of max lives shown during warmup New 09.05.2019

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Revision b06ebf67
Added by IR4T4 over 3 years ago

game: no div/0 in G_ComputeMaxLives refs #733 #734 this fixes the return
value when (g_)timelimit 0 is reached


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