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Functional parachute spawn

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Introduce functional parachute spawns (WITH movement) to the game. So far a work-around in several [UJE] maps are clip-boxes with the player inside following a scripted path.
This can be used for example on beach or baserace like maps.

Has already been done in DeGeneration mod for rtcw. All contacts are inactive, but I can try again.

spawn_fly_test.pk3 (127 KB) keMoN, 01.12.2016 16:43


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#3 Updated by thunder over 4 years ago

this might be interresting as models then?

they will have a tag_back so they can be attached in the sack of the soldier??

#4 Updated by keMoN over 4 years ago

Thank you for sharing your models, thunder!
Have you checked RtCW, because there should already be existing/working parachute models? In the airbase map the 'Fallschirmjaeger’ land with parachutes from the sky.

One thing though, parachutes, at least in war, are rather designed to not attract attention and therefore the american/german flag might be over-the-top, but a simple retexture shouldn’t take very long.

I will keep lurking into your thread for the final version.
Thank you for your support!

#6 Updated by keMoN over 3 years ago

Plain map for testing.

Also available in: Atom PDF