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chat-alert when including player name

Added by keMoN over 4 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Target version:ET: Legacy Development - ALL


Besides having private messages I think it is useful to also have a chat-alert when the player name is included in the public chat-message.
This would work like in IRC and a certain key (in IRC - TAB) would complete the started player name.

Should be able to turn of in the options menu (and maybe also specify the key)

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Related to ET: Legacy Development - Feature #692: Add autocompletion for player names. New 04.12.2014


#1 Updated by IR4T4 over 4 years ago

  • Target version set to 2.78

#2 Updated by Spyhawk over 4 years ago

Wouldn’t this better done in Lua? I think there is a script around that does exactly that..
Edit: no, it’s actually an advanced private message thing. This public chat alert makes sense.

#3 Updated by IR4T4 over 4 years ago

Currently we don’t support shortcuts ... but it might interfere with chat binds from players if we implement that.

#4 Updated by IR4T4 over 4 years ago

Should be done with Lua.

#5 Updated by IR4T4 about 4 years ago

  • Project changed from ET: Legacy Development to Lua scripts for the Legacy mod
  • Priority changed from Normal to Low
  • Target version deleted (2.78)

#6 Updated by IR4T4 almost 4 years ago

  • Target version set to ALL

#7 Updated by Ray about 3 years ago

IR4T4 wrote:

Should be done with Lua.

Zelly made a LUA script for silEnT some year ago, that inludes ingame @mentions and ingame email. Unfortunatly all features does not work as they should on my server. This LUA is pretty awesome. To bad Zelly has taken a longer break from developing it some more. http://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/LESM
Maybe a smiliar system for Legacy?

#8 Updated by IR4T4 about 3 years ago

Active development and our approach of managing games: https://github.com/timosmit/wolfadmin

#9 Updated by keMoN over 2 years ago

  • Related to Feature #692: Add autocompletion for player names. added

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