Bug #875

Fix team class HP bonus at first spawn

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Health of players depends on a variety of factors, taken at the time of spawn:
  • +10 HP for every medic in the team (capped to 25)
  • +15 HP for battle sense >= 3
  • +12% for medic, which is reached with their autoregeneration

The HP is correctly set at every respawn apart from the initial spawn (after warmup) where the HP depends on the slot order.
This is particularly visible if you don’t play medic on a local game. See attached screenshot.

After respawn, HP will be correctly set for all classes (120 for all classes, plus 12% extra bonus for medics = 134).

2015-08-26-000235-oasis.jpg (172 KB) Spyhawk, 26.08.2015 00:03


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  • Related to Bug #738: Healthbar bug added

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