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Symantec does not trust in the 2.75 installer...

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Symantec consider the installer of the 2.75 "Infected" with "WS.Reputation.1". Then the file is moved to quarantena.
This did not happen with the 2.74 one.

I don’t know how to tell Symantec that this is not bad.

May be if a lot of users download the file and (like me), do a "Restore from quarantena", then this can be used by Symantec to understand..

symWS.Reputation.png (180 KB) Odal, 15.09.2016 13:46



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Wow. Just google for "WS.Reputation.1 NSIS" and you’ll see that this is a very common issue.

Symantec uses a "reputation" based algorithm, in addition to the heuristic analysis. Of course, NSIS being very popular, free and easy to use it is most probably used by many malware out there.
Unfortunately, nothing we can do

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There is a whitelist, but I don’t know who have authority to submit:

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I’ll need more info in order to request a whitelist:

Important: File quarantine, product clipboard information or additional details:
• If the information is more than 20000 characters, please create a log file and send that along with the file submission.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Users
Simply click on View Quarantine and provide the "Original Location" listed for the quarantined file(s).

Norton Internet Security/AntiVirus/360 Users
From Advanced view, select History and use "Quarantine" filter. Click on the activity, then "More Details" and "Copy to Clipboard". Now you can simply paste the content here.

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  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Users
    Original Location: C:\Users\user\Downloads\

I downloaded it with Chrome

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Thank you, submission has been sent. Closing this ticket now.

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