Bug #941

Health isn't displayed when specing as spectator

Added by Spyhawk over 3 years ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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Target version:2.78
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Player health is "empty" when specing as TEAM_SPECTATOR.
The issue probably also apply to constructible health (tank, truck, etc.)

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#1 Updated by thunder over 3 years ago

shouldnt this be as it is.. thinking a bit about cheating here.. I know its kind of stupid but if someone is speccing a guy and helping out a friend that is playing he can tell him how much health the enemy has left?

#2 Updated by Spyhawk over 3 years ago

If cheating is an issue, then spec shouldn’t be allowed at all. Position is a much better info that health value

No, cheating is prevented with the speclock feature or private game. This is a bug.

#3 Updated by IR4T4 over 3 years ago

I can’t reproduce.

#4 Updated by IR4T4 about 3 years ago

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#5 Updated by Spyhawk about 3 years ago

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#6 Updated by Saukko 11 months ago

Alright, I investigated this a little and I found out that this happens only when you spectate a bot. When you spectate a real client who hovers over bot, it will show the healthbar correctly.

How to reproduce:

1. Start two clients
2. Start localhost with one of the clients and join to the created localhost with the other
3. Put another client to Allies or Axis and leave the other one into spectators
4. Spectate the client who you just put into either playing team

After these steps, when you hover the aim over a bot with the playing client and look with the other, you will noticed a full healthbar.


#7 Updated by Spyhawk 11 months ago

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#8 Updated by Saukko 11 months ago

Alright, I compiled 2.75; tested it and it looks like healthbars were showing back then. I’ll look further.


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