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Increase amount of trigger_objective_info

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Currently there is a limit of 18 trigger objective_info per map.
You need one for every objective, constructible, destructible,... Basically for anything that has a track ("You are near ... ") or that has an icon in the command map.
There is a reason why maps in ET are basically always the same, because it is incredibly easy to run into this limit. Is there a reason why this limit is in the code or is it just random?

For example at the bottom of this page is Fueldump with 14 *ToI*s in the standard version.
Then there is a version with spawns in both of the CP locations and for both teams, which is an additional 4 ToIs and we are already at the set limit.
Now imagine if a mapper wated to make a version where the river isn’t frozen, the tunnel grate is filled with water and there is a water pump in the tunnel bunnker that will drain the tunnel grate, we would need another one. The more a mapper wants to get creative (not necessarily good) the faster he runs into trouble and has to do the same old shit that has been done for more than a decade now.

Interesting read on the subject is the readme of Baserace beta3


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I don’t see any reason the MAX_OID_TRIGGERS value could not be increased, apart from the fact that the map would obviously be compatible with Legacy mod only.

#2 Updated by IR4T4 about 3 years ago

There are some good reasons beside loosing compatibility: The configstring, team info and some other related data will grow each objective!

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