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Spotting disguised enemies with binocs

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I’ll try to summarize the discussion from Gitter as good as I can.

There are several recent changes that make the cvops a more viable player by increasing the difficulty to spot or detect him. (e.g. correct name and health-bar).
To not make impossible to detect a disguised enemy there was the option to limit the display of name and health-bar to a certain distance.
The argument in Gitter was however, that such an automatic detection is not really rewarding awareness in the game, but more a detection based on randomness or luck.
Performing an action [even if it is just pressing B] is much more rewarding in this case.

Proposed change from Gitter:

Handle the detection of disguised enemies a bit more like planted landmines.
Everyone has the power to see white landmine outlines through binocs, as soon as they unlock binocs. Now they can also see the "Disguised Enemy" prompt when using binocs to look at a player.
Upon reaching Battle Sense level 4, you’ll be able to sense enemy Land Mines without the aid of Binoculars. Any mines within a certain range will appear as translucent outlines in your field of vision. Unless you’re a Covert Ops, you won’t be able to spot them for your team-mates. Reference
Upon reaching Signals (Field Op) level 4, your observational skill and battlefield experience now means that you can identify disguised enemy Covert Ops. Placing your cross-hairs over an Enemy infiltrator will result in a Disguised Enemy prompt and their location will be highlighted on your team’s Command Map. Reference
In other words, everyone can always see the "Disguised Enemy" prompt when looking through binocs. Upon reaching Signals level 4, you also see that prompt when just aiming at them. However, only the Field Op can spot the disguised enemy. Spotting results in the player icon being revealed to the whole team in the command map. The icon could be static and bound to the place the disguised enemy was last seen a.k.a. spotted. Or it could be bound to the moving player, but limited in time, maybe 20 seconds.

• Spotting a landmine also results in a team announcement, this could be done here as well (maybe an automatic "Enemy in disguise" v-1-0). However, as spyhawk correctly said, the fieldop can directly kill the spotted player and a spotted landmine needs the engineer to first disarm it. So maybe the announcement is over the top.

• Another question is if the disguised enemy should get a notification that he has been spotted and for the next 20 seconds his movement is trackable by the enemy.

Related issues

Related to ET: Legacy Development - Bug #634: Disguised enemy name is shown inconsistently Fixed 19.11.2014


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