Task #800

Updated by Spyhawk over 4 years ago

The embedded cURL library is 3 years old (7.26), and updating it to the latest version might give us "some benefits":http://curl.haxx.se/changes.html as well as being "state of the art".

Since I've been using dynamic cURL latest version without any issue under Linux, I updated the embedded lib and Linux can indeed compile without problem. However, compiling under windows fails with the following error:

unable to link function recv

which is trown after the CMake compile test doesn't succeed:

int main(void) {
recv(0, 0, 0, 0);
return 0;
}" curl_cv_recv)

I am actually unsure how to fix that linking problem.

Some relevant changes in cURL cmake code:
* "a94a68a3c1d04ccb53e46baa69753bbf6354ee14":https://github.com/bagder/curl/commit/a94a68a3c1d04ccb53e46baa69753bbf6354ee14
* "a3154295c5b0b538d7883d30e6f1325b69bb50fd":https://github.com/bagder/curl/commit/a3154295c5b0b538d7883d30e6f1325b69bb50fd

There are also various warning (IPv6, SSL2 not found) as these settings aren't explicitly disabled unlike the Linux version, but these aren't critical for cURL to work.