Bug #507

Updated by Spyhawk over 4 years ago

I've seen this more than once, but I'm still unable to pinpoint exactly the issue. When you die, sometimes the obituaries don't display the reason of your death (nor does the console output). The best I could tell is that the MOD doesn't display when you die by some big explosion/splash damage(?).

In the code:

> FIXME: ... some MODs are not catched - check all!

My best guess would be that some Mean Of Death got caught catched by the default message = NULL, so it is filtered out.

For reference, here are also some MOD that aren't used at all in the events list:

* MOD_GRENADE (related to some explosion stuff?)
* MOD_KICKED (unused in Legacy) Legacy?)
* MOD_SYRINGE (unused in Legacy) Legacy?)
* MOD_AMMO (unused in Legacy) (no idea what it is)
* MOD_SMOKEBOMB (unused in Legacy) (check with MOD_SMOKEGRENADE?)