Feature #865

Updated by Spyhawk about 4 years ago

Soldiers with SMG are usually never seen in game as they are utterly useless. They have minimal combat capacity and not strict advantage over any other class. They do have 2 SMG once the Soldier skill reached lvl 4, but this is a very small advantage when other people can have akimbo pistols.

Idea: reinforce the Soldier role in game similarly to what Splash Damage did in ETQW:

* Give the extra health bonus to soldier instead of giving it to medics (current: max health of medic is 156, other class is 140).
* The more soldier in a team, the more health every players in a team has (current: the more medic, the more health for everybody)
* Medics keep the health generation and ability to pick up their own medpack

By shifting the "combat" bonus from medic to regular soldiers, we might actually decrease the "Rambo medic" effect and introduce a whole new tactical aspect to the game.

Questions that arise:
* Would this still be ET? Can this be part of the "Legacy" mod?
* If yes, should this be introduced with an optional cvar? Should this cvar turned on by default?