Feature #948

Updated by keMoN over 3 years ago

It would be nice to be able to set a custom sound for health and ammo pick-ups. Right now all forms of power-ups have a hardcoded sound. *Trigger_heal* *Trigger_heal*s have that weird fart sound, *Trigger_ammo* have the same sound as weapon pick-ups and then there are *cold_meal*s that have that swallow sound.
In Dingenskirchen for example, we used different forms of heal and ammo pick-ups in form of the machines and now we also wanted to add another form where the player would get health after 'drinking' from a wine barrel. However we ditched the idea, because we can't set a drinking sound instead of the weird fart noice.

It would be nice if these power-up entities could receive a key/value pair, where the *key is sound* and the *value is the path* to the sound file. If the key/value pair is not specified the game will pick the standard one.
Would open up possibilities for more creative ways of handling health and ammo in maps.