ET: Legacy 2.71 RC 1 released

This release contains important bug fixes to client, server and mod code.
Added by Radegast almost 7 years ago

Packaged binaries for Windows and linux are available on the download page. Mac OS X and AROS versions should be available in the next couple of days.

We have skipped 2.70 version release, because our development builds did not have correct version set.

Changelog since 2.70rc1


  • New icon is now part of the binaries (Windows)
  • Fixed some code issues found by static analysis tools
  • 'modellist' info extended
  • Fixed doppler effect (panzer rocket sound fix)
  • SDL sound cvars changed to use genuine cvars (s_sdlSpeeds_khz, s_sdlBitss_bits, s_sdlChannelss_channel)
  • Fixed openAL support; fixed changing music volume when using the DMA backend
  • Fixed va() function (reverted ioquake implementation back to 2.60b code)
  • Lighmap loading works again
  • Automatically append git revision to the version string
  • Code clean up & cvars removal
  • Wallhack prediction by Laszlo Menczel has been added
  • Slight fog bug fix
  • Added ncurses console
  • Separate log for server attacks and security related issues has been added - see sv_protectLog
  • echo command now works from scripts like autoexec.cfg and when disconnected from a server
  • Sound module doesn’t waste memory anymore
  • Memory leaks fixed
  • gameinfo.dat is no longer used
  • Clients receive message of the day (MOTD) from
  • Increased limit of same sound at same time
  • Client checks for update on start
  • Unique M_SQRT2 & usage
  • Fixed client status bar after vid_restart
  • Fixed heartbeat - master server always received keep-alive packet from server even it was quitting
  • Several translations have been added
  • Image loader client crash fix
  • Rework of developer 1 debug messages for asset loading
  • Fixed *nix ALSA sound (wasn’t built in by accident)
  • AROS port code by BSzili
  • Client sound support of ogg vorbis files
  • serverinfo.dat is no longer used, now storing favourites in favinfo.dat (speeds up vid_restart)
  • Fix for spoofed infoResponse packets
  • ET:L won’t start when fs_homepath and fs_basepath point to the same path (dedicated servers excluded)
  • Keypad fix for NUM pressed digits
  • Fixed an issue where Sys_LoadDll() fails
  • Ported ioquake3’s .avi recorder code by Tim Angus
  • Fixed path seperator in /path cmd being not OS specific
  • Fixed wrong checksum calculation for 64bit


  • Fixed some code issues found by static analysis tools
  • Several model and animation issues fixed
  • Revive of gib models
  • More code clean up
  • Warning about two identical localisation strings fixed
  • Console commands playsound and playsound_env have been added. Note: Only ET: Legacy clients will hear *.ogg sounds!
  • Lua support for game
  • Menu scripts extended
  • PM_Weapon() fix - don’t cool while in limbo
  • Map location override databases see cg_locations
  • Missing announcer for 'goat’, 'prepare to fight’ & 'fight’
  • Several sound fixes
  • Weapon stats fix
  • Code clean up & cvars removal
  • Credits Page
  • Debriefing team results headers use skill icons
  • Userinfocheck secured, based on combinedfixes.lua
  • Connection limit per IP added - see g_ip_max_clients
  • Some sound fixes
  • Fixed player die animation
  • ETPro like spawntimers
  • r_gamma is settable via options graphics menu
  • Drop packs on limbo death - g_dropAmmo & g_dropHealth introduced
  • Push players - see g_shove
  • Teleporter sound fix
  • Fixed a bug introduced with 2.70rc1 where clients leave prone with no weapon view
  • Client side log - see cg_logFile
  • ETPro style weapon icon flash - see cg_drawWeaponIconFlash 2
  • Gametype 6 map voting has been added
  • g_campaigns cvar introduced
  • g_maxTeamLandmines cvar introduced
  • ETPro like script actions create & delete
  • Visible leaning
  • New separate legacy mod cfg file - see etmain path
  • Updated Omni-Bot files & small bot fixes
  • Fixed 'exceeded MAX_MULTI_SPAWNTARGETS’ error
  • Reset the remappedShaders data structure on map start


Added by IR4T4 almost 7 years ago

2.71 RC 1 is installed on the test server: /connect