From 14.05.2019 to 20.05.2019


18:39 Task #1290: Replace current weapon icons
I would go with 1st option perhaps, since the idea of simple items is not to save frames, but to improve visibility a... ryven
17:12 Task #1290: Replace current weapon icons
Should be, yes. That's a good suggestion.
We should however decide what to do with the non-relevant icons too:
* ...
12:49 Task #1290: Replace current weapon icons
Is it possible to only display those items that the player can actually pick up?
So that a Medic doesn't see the FG4...
13:59 Bug #1298 (New): Incorrect screenshot resolution when Windows' scaling is used
I'll explain here what is going on here.
By default my laptop has resolution of 1920x1080 and scaling 150% (becaus...
12:47 Task #1297: use +attack instead of +weapalt for binoculars
Hm, didn't think about that. That might indeed be the case. Since it wouldn't be wise to move artillery to weapalt, I... keMoN
11:17 Task #1297: use +attack instead of +weapalt for binoculars
I guess it's done so you could exit it the same way you are entering it (the binoc mode), since you can't make it to ... ryven


23:55 Task #1297 (New): use +attack instead of +weapalt for binoculars
Currently, when you equip the binoculars through their weaponbank you need to press 'weapalt' instead of +attack to z... keMoN
21:33 Bug #1296 (New): Tank bug
It's very rare bug, but still happens. Upon receiving specific damage amount, the tank becomes not escortable nor it ... ryven
17:31 Revision 1a6f07b2: misc: fixed variable and value in default mod config
16:27 Feature #1281 (In Progress): "ADD TO FAVORITES" button
Not always working as it should. After removing a server (from in-game), the button function isn't flipped and it won... Spyhawk
16:20 Bug #1258: con_drawNotify not working as it should
* add ... ryven
15:03 Bug #1267: Lower resolutions are not centered on screen
Just wanted to add that I think this happens when your OS/Desktop is running at a higher res compared to the game. Fo... swecide
10:43 Revision 31aa6c7c: material correction


01:30 Revision 7f73ac42: mod: fix crash when fixed/mounted MG impact player + use correct weapon for we...
00:18 Bug #1295 (New): Make spawn-protected players inmune to pushing
ETPro has it. Seems logical. Bystry
18:52 Revision f35b70fa: game: fixed build with FEATURE_LUA disabled, refs #1278
18:45 Revision a6189bcb: cgame: health color adjustment for better gradient, refs #1291
18:45 Revision 90aadd58: cgame: sync fireteam health color with healthbar, refs #1291
16:46 Revision ee4cd054: game: added extra weapon Lua callbacks, refs #1278
14:56 Task #1278 (Fixed): Replace Loose spawn protection by Lua script
Applied in changeset commit:547ed57ae68d7672b1d0057894f1f865f84c3964. Spyhawk
14:56 Bug #1293 (Fixed): Ranks not displayed on alternate HUD
Applied in changeset commit:ab26e67d7a4825181959efa417dfaaccb840ac85. Spyhawk
14:27 Revision 547ed57a: game: removed g_misc 32 LOOSE_SPAWN_PROTECTION, fixes #1278
14:23 Revision 6630820a: cgame: increased compass size on alternate huds, refs #1282
14:11 Revision cfefb807: ui: added promotion popup filter options, refs #805
14:05 Revision cf253873: cgame: added popup filter for promotion upgrades, refs #805
13:44 Revision ab26e67d: cgame: fixed rank display in alternate huds, fixes #1293


00:28 Feature #1174 (Feedback): Increase slightly the height of wounded player's hitbox
23:08 Feature #1174: Increase slightly the height of wounded player's hitbox
It isn't the wounded hitbox that should be modified. We're actually using the same wounded hitbox height as etpro.
00:26 Revision e419cf63: game: increase size of wounded hitbox for syringe, refs #1174
23:42 Revision 1eec58e1: Better rendering of blended materials (terrains). No need to define materials ...
Lights are applied just once per shader (not per stage). C..
23:16 Revision 9952397d: game: fixed debug hitbox head ent reference, refs #198 #1120
Also minor comment cleanup
See 9b1339457c6679b7c0a56dd8ffe279b8711f3f68
22:39 Bug #1120 (Fixed): cg_debugPlayerHitbox doesn't show all & correct hitboxes
There are still some mine issues left when enabling server hitboxes with multiple clients, but now the debug code has... Spyhawk
21:07 Revision 1a42738b: mod: small hitbox height optimization, refs #198 #1120
21:07 Revision fabe421f: cgame: display debug hitbox for current alive client only, refs #198 #1120
19:21 Revision d447aabe: cgame: added client side head and legs debug hitboxes, refs #198 #1220
Note: readhead code is server side only Spyhawk
19:21 Revision b208525b: game: fixed legs debug hitbox not displayed, refs #198 #1120
19:21 Revision f524bf05: client: added system clock in console, refs #830
19:21 Revision 3e2288cb: ui: adjusted favorite filter color, refs #888
Red looks like an error. Use yellow instead. Spyhawk
19:21 Revision dd246195: ui: use 3 digits for server count, refs #888
19:21 Revision 754a57e0: general: adjusted blue color for curse console readability, refs #830
19:21 Revision 26a4720a: ui: display active profile on main menu
And removed that weird looking double name on main screen Spyhawk
17:33 Revision 27496b18: cgame: tiny optimization of flash sounds weapon
15:54 Revision 92d935d6: mod: add genericity for impact mark/sound and make them customizable by surface
* Impact mark/sound ressource declaration add/move in weapon file
* Add parser for weapon sounds
* Improve missile fa...
15:45 Feature #1294 (New): Add average ping in SW mode
This is kinda useless for public servers, but might be relevant for comp: add average ping (mean + variance) in the s... Spyhawk
15:34 Bug #1293 (Fixed): Ranks not displayed on alternate HUD
Ranks aren't displayed on alternate HUD (Pvt, ...). There is an option to turn them off in UI, but they're never disp... Spyhawk
15:03 Feature #1292: Add shoutcaster role
Check etpub implemention - it's partial but quite some has been done. Also, it's implemented like referee is, so that... Spyhawk
12:20 Feature #1292: Add shoutcaster role
Evaluate this for 2.77.
It shouldn't be too hard to implement (everything is in the code already), but we should b...
14:31 Feature #1291: Scale crosshair health depending on maximum current health
I guess my point above was to get specific color for specific health left. Max HP can greatly vary as you've seen, ev... Spyhawk
14:21 Feature #1291: Scale crosshair health depending on maximum current health
> Your proposed solution doesn’t solve this issue for other classes, just for medic. Wouldn’t changing the threshold ... Calinou
09:52 Feature #1291: Scale crosshair health depending on maximum current health
> When getting hit, I often realize it’s too late to heal because it takes a bit for the crosshair to actually change... Spyhawk
14:01 Revision bbe87cca: cgame: Add parseWeaponSound function for futur enhancement of weapon file
09:53 Revision f82cad9c: ui: Improve grammar and fix a typo in the Clean menu
Hugo Locurcio


21:48 Feature #1292 (New): Add shoutcaster role
Add shoutcaster role, which is basically the same as spec mode with a few useful addition:
* can see player names fl...
21:20 Revision 363eb7b1: REVERT TEST
21:20 Revision 7dd3f799: JUST TEST (goal is to get original solution.project settings.. "automatically")
20:10 Feature #1291 (New): Scale crosshair health depending on maximum current health
Currently, the "crosshair color by health" feature will use constant values to color the crosshair (red = 25 HP, whit... Calinou
19:33 Revision c249ea26: partly reverting R_CalcLightCubeSideBits so at least a working version is online.
Also reverted the (extra branch specific docs will be provided later) C..
16:56 Revision 7e61fe00: cgame: add back explosion effect in water and enable it (wasn't used)
16:04 Revision b0a8be94: game: fixes builds with MDX disabled


18:32 Bug #1288 (Feedback): Weapon disappear after being revived
16:37 Revision 5de7a129: Merge branch 'master' of
16:37 Revision 125ad60e: mod: fixed previous exploit fix introducing no weapon on revive issue #1288 + ...
13:08 Bug #941: Health isn't displayed when specing as spectator
Alright, I compiled 2.75; tested it and it looks like healthbars were showing back then. I'll look further.


21:16 Revision ef2c78b8: general: consistently define x86_64 ARCH_STRING instead of amd64
The CMake script will always produce internal libraries containing the
string "x86_64" and never "amd64", so make sur...

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