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General discussion
Anything ET:L-related you wish to talk about
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playing ET wolfenstein on a Apple Macbook / iMac ?
Installation / Running ET:L
Downloaded ET:L and don't know what to do next? Ask here.
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Empty Serverlist
Bugs, features, tweaks
Want to discuss a specific bug or suggest a new feature? Post here.
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VM_Create on UI Failed
Other projects
EasyGen, WolfRadiant, tools and utilities related to Enemy Territory
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RE: ETL's q3map2
Terrain generator for Quake 3 derived games.
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RE: possible to make a version with alphablend?
Level editor based on GtkRadiant.
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RE: Which editor for ETL
Online ET: Legacy servers
Advert your ET: Legacy server
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Invite to Server [Dooc] Dudes out of Control
Website issues and suggestions
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RE: Serverlist on the HomePage is empty
New maps & maps revisited
Talk about new and old maps.
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RE: need a mapping setup for ET:Legacy

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