New features - new mod 'legacy'

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ET: Legacy is preparing the next release to include the etl mod binaries in a new path. This opens some doors:

- We don’t break any compatibility and we finally use ET: Legacy mod binary features like our modified gamebrowser simply by starting the game with 'fs_game legacy’. From now on it does make sense to maintain UI-, CG- and QAGAME in ET:L!

- Future releases might contain currently non supported client architectures as OpenBSD or AROS. We can imagine some admins running such mixed client ET servers online one day


ET: Legacy AROS port (2 comments)

Added by IR4T4 about 7 years ago

BSzili ported ET:L to the AROS Research Operating System. You can find the package on his website:

ET:L runs on OpenBSD (4 comments)

Added by Radegast about 7 years ago

OpenBSD users are now able to compile and run ET:L on their system thanks to Jonathan Gray, an OpenBSD developer, who sent us a couple of patches which enable this.

There is also a rumour of someone porting ET:L on Amiga (I’m not kidding).

New binaries available in files section etl-2.70-git20120813

Added by IR4T4 about 7 years ago

Download latest binaries at

Check our activities for changes.

ET Legacy test server moved (1 comment)

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Better connection - more fun!

/connect or /connect

ET Legacy test server is online

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Wiki is open for editing to registered users

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Feel free to add your test results to the Compatible Mods page, update the List of cvars or write a new installation guide like the one for Ubuntu 12.04.

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