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ET: Legacy Development14.11.2013RadegastDesignFeature #379: High resolution country flagsFlag replacement.1.00
ET: Legacy Development13.11.2013RadegastDesignFeature #379: High resolution country flagsCopying high resolution flags into a grid.3.00
ET: Legacy Development01.04.2013RadegastDevelopmentFeature #172: Backport Gettext (Tinygettext) support from Unvanquished1.50
ET: Legacy Development29.03.2013RadegastDevelopmentFeature #53: Implement a command cleaning the homepath2.00
ET: Legacy Development28.03.2013HarlekinDebuggingFeature #263: g_mapConfigs0.00
ET: Legacy Development28.03.2013HarlekinDebuggingFeature #263: g_mapConfigsexecutes wrong filename.0.00
ET: Legacy Development28.01.2013RadegastDevelopmentFeature #5: Improve 'error' message output for models, shader & co (developer 1)1.00
ET: Legacy Development24.01.2013RadegastDevelopmentFeature #85: Allow per-lib selection of system lib/bundled lib at build time1.50
ET: Legacy Development23.01.2013RadegastDebuggingBug #152: Compiler Warning Visual Studio 20102.00
ET: Legacy Development04.01.2013RadegastDebuggingBug #114: Fix s_musicvolume0.20
ET: Legacy Development31.12.2012RadegastDevelopmentFeature #32: Fix autoupdaterHuffman decoding works!10.00
ET: Legacy Development29.12.2012RadegastDevelopmentFeature #147: Update checker0.50
ET: Legacy Development18.12.2012RadegastDevelopmentFeature #74: OS X support - make ETL apple client mod compatible2.00
ET: Legacy Development16.12.2012RadegastDevelopmentBug #150: Fix MOTD1.50
ET: Legacy Development05.12.2012RadegastDevelopmentBug #143: Windows build was broken by the addition of a separate console0.50
ET: Legacy Development04.12.2012RadegastDevelopmentBug #129: Mac OS X: Screen is not adjusted to the correct resolution on startup0.20
ET: Legacy Development04.12.2012TheDushanDevelopmentBug #70: Starting console1.00
ET: Legacy Development26.11.2012RadegastDevelopmentBug #44: Remove SMP code0.10
ET: Legacy Development21.11.2012RadegastDevelopmentFeature #85: Allow per-lib selection of system lib/bundled lib at build time2.50
ET: Legacy Development03.11.2012RadegastDevelopmentBug #97: fs_homepath on Windows - use SHGFP_TYPE_CURRENT1.00
ET: Legacy Development03.11.2012RadegastDebuggingBug #97: fs_homepath on Windows - use SHGFP_TYPE_CURRENT0.50
ET: Legacy Development02.11.2012RadegastDevelopmentTask #39: Create a windows installer for the final 2.70 release3.00
ET: Legacy Development12.10.2012RadegastDebuggingFeature #74: OS X support - make ETL apple client mod compatible0.50
ET: Legacy Development09.10.2012RadegastDebuggingBug #84: ET:L compiled with Clang or gcc-llvm crashes0.50
ET: Legacy Development07.10.2012morsikDebuggingBug #84: ET:L compiled with Clang or gcc-llvm crashes0.01

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