Enemy Territory: Legacy

ET: Legacy is an open source project based on the code of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory which was released in 2010 under the terms of General Public License v3.

Set during World War II and heavily focused on team work, the game was initially released in 2003 by Splash Damage and id Software. More than a decade after its release, after spending countless hours of escorting tanks and trucks, stealing gold and radar parts and transmitting confidential documents, it was time to dust off the game which consistently refused to go down.


There are two aspects to this project, an updated game version "Enemy Territory: Legacy" and a new mod "legacy".
  • The main goal of ET: Legacy is to fix bugs and security exploits, remove old dependencies, add useful features and modernize its graphics while still remaining compatible with ET 2.60b and as many of its mods as possible.
  • The main goal of legacy is to stay close to the original gameplay experience and provide a viable alternative to ETPro for competitive play while staying lightweight but extensible through additional Lua scripts.


Under the wing of ET: Legacy, players from all corners of the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory community came together to continuously update a game that is well over a decade old, which despite its considerable age is still home to hundreds of concurrent players a day. ET: Legacy development is a collaborative effort done in an open, transparent and friendly manner. We do appreciate any contribution to the project may it be in the form of patches, suggestions, reports or comments.

Anyone is welcome to join our efforts!

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ET: Legacy (engine)

  • Many bug and security fixes of the GPL code release

Among others:

  • Cleaned up and modernized code and updated outdated dependencies
  • New useful cvars and functions
  • Compatibility with most popular 2.60b mods
  • Client now based on SDL2, a cross-platform multimedia library
  • Fast built-in client minimizer
  • Raw mouse input support
  • Integrated client GUID generation
  • Performance optimizations
  • Translation support of clients
  • New OpenGL 3.2 renderer (work in progress)
  • Separated install and download folder for easier maintenance
  • Easy to run installer to get you into battle in no time (with auto-updater)
  • Support for SQL database management systems
  • OGG Vorbis client support
  • JPEG-Turbo client support
  • Coloured output in the system console (*nix based systems only)
  • ... and many other features!

legacy (mod)

  • Extensible through Lua scripting with SQL support
  • Shipped with WolfAdmin, a Lua based server administration module
  • Omni-Bot support
  • Extended ETPro map scripting
  • ETPro antiwarp by Zinx
  • ETPro like spawntimers
  • Visible leaning animation
  • Extensive bug fixes and code clean ups (among others: Project Bugfix )
  • Thorough rework of the weapon code
  • Additional gametype 6: Map Voting
  • Additional custom HUDs
  • Additional menus and reworked server browser

Filters non ET:Legacy compatible servers (ETPro & PB)
Working favourite server management
New filters
Shows human & bot players separately when ET: L server is used

  • Added team-specific weapons (visual change only!)
  • Additional fireteam functionality
  • Fixed various weapon stats
  • Config string optimizations
  • Reactivated multi view
  • Extended demo viewer
  • Optional ingame translations
  • Country flags for players
  • ...and many other features!