deep, the designer of the logo, wrote:

Like the messy and buggy ET source that has been cleaned and enhanced by the ET: Legacy team, the old ET logo has been deconstructed and assembled in a new and innovative way.
The outcome: a clean and simple logo, which is however not forgetting its roots. The wing from the ET logo next to "L" is showing the new side of ET gaming.


Please use the titles as suggested below for the ET: Legacy project and refrain from using other titles.

Full title: Enemy Territory: Legacy
Regular title: ET: Legacy
Short title: ETL
Alpha-numerical: ETLegacy


Below you find the colours used in the ET: Legacy logo, as well as the sizing and positional information that is used to make up the logo.

Hex: #302429
RGB: 48; 36; 41
Hex: #FF1E00
RGB: 255; 30; 0
Simple White
RGB: 255; 255; 255
Simple Black
Hex: #000000
RGB: 0; 0; 0
Font: Kenzo Regular (.ai) (.svg) (.png) (.ai) (.svg) (.png)


This section includes some sample uses for the ET: Legacy logo, using different formats of the logo and alternative color schemes.

(.ai) (.svg) (.png) (.ai) (.svg) (.png) (.ai) (.svg) (.png)
(.ai) (.svg) (.png) (.ai) (.svg) (.png)
(.ai) (.svg) (.png) (.ai) (.svg) (.png) (.ai) (.svg) (.png)
(.ai) (.svg) (.png) (.ai) (.svg) (.png) (.ai) (.svg) (.png)