Compatible mods

This page describes the compatibility of custom mods with ET: Legacy client (etl and etl.exe) and server (etlded and etlded.exe).

indicates compatible mod
indicates incompatible mod
indicates untested mod

Mac OS X

Please be aware that:
  • Starting with Mac OS X 10.15, only 64 bit mod are compatible. As Legacy mod is currently not provided as a 64 binaries (but will be at the next release), there is no way to play on Mac OS X 10.15+. Other mods will never be compatible, unless they provide an updated version.
  • On Mac OS X 10.8+ to 10.14, only Legacy mod is fully compatible. Other mods might or might not work. Mac OS X 10.14 seems especially problematic with other mods.
  • Mac OS X 10.7 and older are not compatible with provided binaries.
  • There is no Omni-bot available for Mac OS X. You will not be able to spawn bots.

Windows / Linux

The ET: Legacy client does not work with all available mods. Please check the below table to find out which mods are (not) compatible.

Mod Version Client Server Client (64-bit) Server (64-bit)
Legacy all
ETPro 3.2.6 [1] [3] [3]
silEnT all
Jaymod 2.2.0
NoQuarter 1.3.0b (test)
1.2.9 (beta)
ETPub all
N!tmod all
ETJump all
ETNam 0.1.1
ETrun all
ETBlight 1.1.9 [3] [3]
TJmod 1.6.6
TC: Elite 0.49b [2]
TC: CQB 0.223 [2]


[1] ETPro does not work with the ET: Legacy client, read more about that here. ETPro servers without PunkBuster start fine.
[2] True Combat: Elite and True Combat: CQB need server patches (see etlmodexep). For more information about these mods, see the TrueCombat Mods page.
[3] The 64-bit version of ET: Legacy (which is only available for Linux) is only compatible with Legacy mod (default mod shipped with ET:L) and ETrun.