Compatible mods

This page describes the compatibility of custom mods with ET: Legacy client (etl and etl.exe) and server (etlded and etlded.exe).

indicates compatible mod
indicates incompatible mod
indicates untested mod

Windows and Linux

The ET: Legacy client does not work with all available mods. Please check the below table to find out which mods are (not) compatible.

Mod Version Client Server Client (64-bit) Server (64-bit)
Legacy all
ETPro 3.2.6 [1] [3] [3]
silEnT all
Jaymod 2.2.0
NoQuarter 1.3.0b (test)
1.2.9 (beta)
ETPub all
N!tmod all
ETJump all
ETNam 0.1.1
ETrun all
ETBlight 1.1.9 [3] [3]
TJmod 1.6.6
TC: Elite 0.49b [2]
TC: CQB 0.223 [2]


[1] ETPro does not work with the ET: Legacy client, read more about that here. ETPro servers without PunkBuster start fine.
[2] True Combat: Elite and True Combat: CQB need server patches (see etlmodexep). For more information about these mods, see the TrueCombat Mods page.
[3] The 64-bit version of ET: Legacy (which is only available for Linux) is only compatible with Legacy mod (default mod shipped with ET:L) and ETrun.

Mac OS X

Please be aware that the Legacy mod is the only compatible mod with Mac OS X. Other mods will most probably not work unless they provide an updated version. Also, the binaries are only compatible with Mountain Lion (10.8) or better.

Furthermore, since there is no Omni-bot available for Mac OS X, you will not be able to spawn bots.