This list is incomplete. If you made a contribution to this project don’t be shy and add your name here.
If you want your real names in here and in the AUTHORS file, edit this page.

Many thanks to Splash Damage for their release of the source code, iowolfet & raedwulf-et (especially Ralph Eastwood) for our code base and ioquake3 for their inspirations.

The following names are sorted alphabetically.

Maintainers & team members

  • Arnaud 'Aranud’ Marty - Almighty Developer
  • Olaf 'IR4T4’ R. - Almighty Developer
  • Jere 'Jacker’ S. - Almighty Developer
  • Cedric 'Kemon’ E. - 2D artist & Marketing
  • Konrad 'morsik’ Moson - Infrastructure management
  • Jan 'Radegast’ Simek - Project founder, semi-retired
  • Rafal 'RaFal’ Pawlak - Almighty Developer
  • Sauli 'Saukko’ V. - Quality Assurance
  • Remy 'Spyhawk’ M. - Almighty Developer
  • Are 'Thunder’ Kristiansen - 3D artist & Shaders
  • Timo 'Timothy’ S. - Administration Suite
  • 'WuTangH’- 3D artist


BSzili - AROS and MorhpOS ports
ptitSeb - Pandora port, OpenGL ES renderer

Contributors, bug reporters, translation & helping hands

100zherBG - bug report
3togo - bug report
acqu - several bug reports, patch for the master server list issue
Anna - patches
artium - bug reports
antman - map location override databases
belst - advices
Bill - bug report
blaubarschbube - bug report
boutetnico - advices, patches
Boojangles - bug report
Bystry - advices, bug report
Calinou - bug report
chriswww - bug report, feature request
cubs - bug report
Das_Fleisch - bug report
deki - bug reports, patches, translation
deep - legacy logo
/dev/humancontroller - patches
Dominator56 - patches
Dragonji - bug reports, feature requests, Windows tester, Wiki editor
Ensiform - advices, patches
Exagone313 - bug report, patches
fretn - extended demo viewer code
Gordon - 3D models
Harlekin - bug reports, menu patches, translation
hifi - patches
illwieckz - translation
ilm - basic SDL2 port, translation
invictus - bug report
isRyven - bug reports, patches (r2 foliage)
JenkinS - big help and testing
Jonathan Gray - OpenBSD patches
Kate - bug report
Kissaki - bug report
kimi - bug report
kkthx - patches
kungfooman - patches
Lammert - 2D-artist, translation
lixoaqui - bug report
lonkamikaze- bug report
lottin - bug report
Lul3k - translation
MAN-AT-ARMS - patches
Mateos - bug reports, translation
Mathieu Olivier - bug fixes and code clean ups
Maverick - bug reports
mavit - bug report
merethan - feature request
merlin - bug reports
muessli - just a Linux-Gamer
Niek - bug report
Odal - bug reports
Ododo - patches
otty - bug reports
perey - patches
pbhj - feature request
ponce - bug report, translation
Ragnar - bug reports
Runeforce aka lakersforce (Rune Biskopstö Christensen) - bug reports, translation
rurza - feature request
S3ti - bug report
Saukko - bug reports, feature requests
skybon - bug report, translation
smcv - patches
sneak310 - feature request
StM - patches
swecide - bug reports
swillits - feature request, Mac OS X fixes and patches
TheDushan Dušan Jocić - advices, patches and author of the OpenWolf engine based on ETXreaL and Qio
tiffie - bug report
Timothy - bug report
TunPal - feature request
Unode - bug reports
winrid - patches
yfcz - patches
Zecklar - patches
Zer0 - translation
zturtleman Zack Middleton - patches & inspirations

Greetings and thank you for sharing code

ETPub Team
ETPro Team
lrq3000 Stephen L. - server side demo recording
Jaybird/Jaymod Team
Laszlo Menczel
Neil “haste” Toronto
NoQuarter Team - core hug goes to C..
Omni-bot team - especially crapshoot, Dr. Evil & Palota
Q3MME Team
QtZ Team
Ryan C. Gordon
Timothee "TTimo" Besset
Splash Damage ET community
Unvanquished Team
XreaL Team

Special thanks to Francesco Bancala aka Nemo for sharing EasyGen source code

I am the 1st award

  • GMC’Gotti & GMC’Holle for running the first 24/7 legacy mod server beside our test server - GMC RIP!

ET: Legacy wouldn’t directly exist as it is without the following libraries

  • cURL
  • FindLocale
  • GLEW - OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
  • JPEG
  • Lua
  • Ogg
  • Minizip
  • sha-1
  • SDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer
  • tinygettext
  • Vorbis
  • zlib