FreeBSD (server) installation guide

Using FreeBSD to host Wolfenstein Enemy Territorry is very experimental, FreeBSD not always handle emulating Linux software properly so please remember that.
Following guide is for 32-bit server.

Linux installer on FreeBSD

The Linux installer installs the whole ET: Legacy universe. It will download the original W:ET assets if they are not found on your computer. This part works fine on FreeBSD and doesn’t need additional comment.

Running server (Legacy) on FreeBSD

FreeBSD doesn’t allow etlded binnary acces to your network interfaces unless you won’t launch it as superuser (root).
  • consider editing etl_server.cfg file located in directory etmain. It contains basic settigs for the server.
  • Log in to root shell by typing su
  • Type to run server: ./etlded +exec etl_server.cfg

Running server (Legacy) on FreeBSD with Omnibot

FreeBSD with Linux Binary Compatibility sometimes do not handle paths of files very well.
  • You should first perform steps form subsection above to proced.
  • perform this commands (or copy, et and global_scripts folder to root of your installation folder):
  • cp legacy/omi-bot/ .
  • cp -R legacy/omni-bot/et/ .
  • cp -R legacy/omni-bot/global_scripts/ .
  • Run server typing: ./etlded +set omnibot_enable 1 +exec etl_server.cfg

Additional information connected with Linux® Binary Compatibility on FreeBSD

  • Logs of your server (and some settings for example if you are hosting noquarter server) are not located on /root/.etlegacy directory!
  • These files are located on /usr/compat/linux/root/.etlegacy