IR4T4’s notes

sonic from australia is the bestest ninja in the world (comment found in vanilla sources which has been removed)

When ET/q3 starts to 'lag’

Server side

NUM of used & processed game entities >= MAX_ENTITIES_IN_SNAPSHOT (=512)
Keep in mind
  • bullets create tons of temp ents
  • svcmd 'entitylist’ shows SNAPSHOT list of 'inuse’ entities but doesn’t show all processed frame ents - see f.e. IsHeadShot() (spawned & freed)
  • Admins should ensure there are more than 550-600 free game entities at runtime - see 'x entities not in use’ of cmd 'entitylist’. SNAPSHOT + 'processed’ entities shouldn’t reach a number behind MAX_ENTITIES_IN_SNAPSHOT
  • Populated ET servers with more than 32 slots will lag for sure

Client side

Some cvars cause issues when high values are set:

  • cg_brassTime "2500000" // default 2500
  • cg_marktime "2000000" // default 20000