ET: Legacy links

For gamers

ET: Legacy on ModDB

splashdamage - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Game Manual
splashdamage - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Home

Wolfenstein4ever [maps and resources]
WolfFiles [maps and resources]
WolfTeam [maps and resources]
Waypoints [Omni-Bot]
Ubuntu Games [Community Help Wiki]

For admins

ET Dedicated Server Guide [PDF]
Server Stats Parsing Script [Linux] - generates HTML & PNG of status and recent players
Setting up a well organized Enemy Territory: Legacy Server [Kissaki Blog]

For developers

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Official SplashDamage Wiki
Chruker’s ET page
Legacy Lua API Scripting
Quake III code review by Fabien Sanglard
Focus on mod programming in Quake III Arena



Qio Engine


Official Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Documentation


Server Discovery for Quake III Arena, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory and Quake 4 [PDF]
“Lag” Compensation Technique
Quake III 1.32 net information protocol 0.1.1
Quake 3 network protocol - Tilion
Quake 3 Docs Server.txt
XQF source code
Quake 3 Smoothness Guide

Models & Textures

Q3 shader manual
Prefab generator
Open Asset Import Library
Misfit Model 3D and md3 documentation
KatsBits 3D modelling import & export scripts, tools and utilities
MD3 format
ET: Legacy models on github by Thunder
ET Player Models Documentation


reyaIP report

Map making

ET: Legacy wiki page for mappers Mapping_and_Textures
Loffy’s excellent video tutorial How to make a document run custom map
simonoc’s start-up guide Tutorials and et mapping resources
Destroy666 Main mapping applications
Chruker’s Scripting Reference
Marko’s (MLB) resource GD Experince
2bit Map Making Tutorial
Collectioin of source-files ETPro Firefly Magic’s Territory
Shader Manuals RobotRenegade EveryoneLookBusy
Mapper Wiki Bunker Gaming Custom Map Making
Advanced Terrain Blending (&water to horizon illusion) Saberpeak
Editing Community (German) Editing


Quake III Arena Demo File Specifications
Server-side demo recording


Omni-bot library
ET Scripts and maps nav

ET:L Reporting