Linux Installation Guide

The full 64 bit version of ET:Legacy client can only connect to ET:Legacy servers running 64 bit mods.
If you want to connect to existing servers running 32 bit only mods, install the 32 bit version of ET:Legacy on your 64 bit machine.
If you start ET:Legacy and a 'file not found error’ is thrown ensure your system supports executing 32 bit applications. See Dependencies.

Linux Installer

The Linux installer installs the whole ET: Legacy universe. It will download the original W:ET assets if they are not found on your computer.

Don’t try to overwrite an existing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory installation. Choose a different folder!
Also, don’t try to overwrite previous ET: Legacy versions.

You will find your etkey, profile folder and all downloaded files (such as custom maps and mods) in the ~/.etlegacy directory.

Linux Archive/Binaries

The Linux archive/binaries package simply includes the ET: Legacy files.

  • Get the Linux binaries package.
  • Uncompress the archive to any desired folder.

In order to run ET: Legacy you’ll need to copy assets from an original Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory installation.
Download them legally and for free from the official Splash Damage website.

  • Copy the pak0.pk3, pak1.pk3 and pak2.pk3 files to etmain in the directory you previously created (which contains ET:L bins).

Distribution packages

Distribution packages are available for:

Other tutorials:

These tutorial are mostly obsolete.