List of Cvars

Cvars (console variables) are options that can be used to change the game’s behavior. They can be set from inside a configuration file, the command line or (in most cases) from the console. Some CVARs might also require you to restart the client or server, depending on their function.

Additional or changed cvars

New in ET: Legacy
Present in ET 2.60b but was somehow enhanced in ET: Legacy
This feature is not different in ET 2.60b and ET: Legacy
⚠️ This is a cheat protected cvar


cl_ - Additional or changed

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
cl_allowDownload int 1 Download missing files externally when available.
A value of 2 disables any sound during download.
0 - disabled
1 - enabled
2 - enabled & no sound
cl_avidemotype int 0 Type of picture to be taken with cl_forceavidemo.
0 - screenshot silent
1 - screenshotJPEG silent
2 - Avi output
cl_lang string en Changes the game language. Note: translations are unfinished - any help is appreciated.
en - English
fr - French
de - German
it - Italian
es - Spanish
pl - Polish
nl - Dutch
cs - Czech
se - Swedish
fi - Finnish
da - Danish
pt - Portugese
no - Norwegian
cl_langdebug int 0 Prints a list of missing translations for the selected language to console and also creates a text file with missing translations.

con_ - Additional or changed

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
con_numNotifies int 0 change number of drawable notifies.
con_openspeed int 6 Speed of opening the console (was scr_conspeed).

demo_ - Additional or changed

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
demo_weaponcam int 0 Triggers weapon cam view.

in_ - Additional or changed

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
in_joystick int 0 General joystick initialization. Requires a vid_restart.
in_joystickNo int 0 Specifies active joystick.
in_joystickThreshold float 0.15 Sets joystick threshold sensitivity. (vanilla cvar joy_threshold)
in_joystickUseAnalog int 1 Sets analog/digital joystick.
in_keyboardDebug int 0 Shows key identifier upon key press in the console.
in_mouse int 1 Mouse input settings.
-1 - windib (Win only)
0 - disabled
1 - raw
2 - warping/non raw

r_ - Additional or changed

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
r_availableModes string N/A Contains all supported screen resolutions detected by libSDL. this cvar is not used by ET:L atm.
r_bonesdebug int 0 Debuging bones (cheats enabled only): (-)
1 - don’t draw the actual surface
2 - prints debug info about lod, verts and tris
3 - tracks debug stats and prints it
4 - prints stats for the complete model (not per-surface)
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 -
r_displayRefresh int 0 Sets refresh rate
r_maxpolys int 4096 Max polys per scene. This cvar was never active in genuine ET. ET: L maximum value is 16384. Increase this only on high end computers!
r_maxpolyverts int 8192 Max polys per scene. This cvar was never active in genuine ET. ET: L maximum value is 32768. Iincrease this only on high end computers!
r_mode int -2 Changes the current screen resolution (requires vid_restart to take effect).
Type modelist in console to see all resolutions.
-2 - desktop video resolution
3 - 640*480
4 - 800*600
5 - 960*720
6 - 1024*768
7 - 1152*864
8 - 1280*1024
9 - 1600*1200
10 - 2048*1536
11 - 856*480 Wide Screen
12 - 1366x768 (16:9)
13 - 1440x900 (16:10)
14 - 1680x1050 (16:10)
15 - 1600x1200
16 - 1920x1080 (16:9)
17 - 1920x1200 (16:10)
18 - 2560x1440 (16:9)
19 - 2560x1600 (16:10)
20 - 3840x2160 (16:10)
r_ext_multisample int 0 Enables Anti-Aliasing.
r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic int 0 Enables texture anisotropic filtering.
r_ext_max_anisotropy int 2 Sets largest supported anisotropy.
r_gamma float 1.3 Adjusts gamma level. doesn’t work on some systems, issue #56
r_showLightInteractions int 0 R2 only. Shows surface structures (magenta is surface triangles, cyan is surface grid, and gray is surface face etc) ... needs some light source.
r_saveFontData int 0 Allows generation of .tga and .dat files from a TrueType font. Must be set by running ET:L with +set r_saveFontData 1.
Setting it ingame is pointless as it will get reset to 0 when the game is restarted and new font files won’t be generated.

r_ - Additional or changed RENDERER2 (WIP)

These are the cvars from R2.


  • There are more R2 cvars in tr_common.h (shared with r1)
Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
r_allowExtensions ? No Description
r_ambientScale ? No Description
r_bloom ? No Description
r_bloomBlur ? No Description
r_bloomPasses ? No Description
r_cameraFilmGrainScale ? No Description
r_cameraPostFX ? No Description
r_cameraVignette ? No Description
r_chcIgnoreLeaves ? No Description
r_chcMaxPrevInvisNodesBatchSize ? No Description
r_chcMaxVisibleFrames ? No Description
r_chcVisibilityThreshold ? No Description
r_clear ? No Description
r_collapseStages ? No Description
r_colorMipLevels ? No Description
r_compressDiffuseMaps ? No Description
r_compressNormalMaps ? No Description
r_compressSpecularMaps ? No Description
r_cullShadowPyramidCurves ? No Description
r_cullShadowPyramidFaces ? No Description
r_cullShadowPyramidTriangles ? No Description
r_debugLight ? No Description
r_debugShadowMaps ? No Description
r_debugSort ? No Description
r_debugSurface ? No Description
r_depthOfField ? No Description
r_detailTextures ? No Description
r_diffuseLighting ? No Description
r_drawBuffer ? No Description
r_drawEntities ? No Description
r_drawFoliage ? No Description
r_drawpolies ? No Description
r_drawsun int 1 Controls drawing of the sun.
r_drawWorld ? No Description
r_dynamicBspOcclusionCulling ? No Description
r_dynamicEntityOcclusionCulling ? No Description
r_dynamicLight ? No Description
r_dynamicLightOcclusionCulling ? No Description
r_dynamicLightShadows ? No Description
r_evsmPostProcess ? No Description
r_extCompressedTextures ? No Description
r_extDepthBoundsTest ? No Description
r_extDrawBuffers ? No Description
r_extFramebufferBlit ? No Description
r_extFramebufferObject ? No Description
r_extGenerateMipmap ? No Description
r_extHalfFloatPixel ? No Description
r_extMultitexture ? No Description
r_extOcclusionQuery ? No Description
r_extPackedDepthStencil ? No Description
r_extStencilTwoSide ? No Description
r_extStencilWrap ? No Description
r_extTextureEnvAdd ? No Description
r_extTextureFilterAnisotropic ? No Description
r_extTextureFloat ? No Description
r_extTextureNonPowerOfTwo ? No Description
r_extVertexArrayObject ? No Description
r_facePlaneCull ? No Description
r_fastsky int 0 Controls whether sky should be cleared or drawn.
r_finish ? No Description
r_flareCoeff N/A N/A No Description ⚠️
r_flareFade int 7 No Description ⚠️
r_flares int 1 No Description
r_flaresSize int 40 No Description ⚠️
r_gamma float 1 No Description
r_hdrContrastOffset ? No Description
r_hdrContrastThreshold ? No Description
r_hdrDebug ? No Description
r_hdrGamma ? No Description
r_hdrKey ? No Description
r_hdrLightmap ? No Description
r_hdrLightmapCompensate ? No Description
r_hdrLightmapExposure ? No Description
r_hdrLightmapGamma ? No Description
r_hdrMaxLuminance ? No Description
r_hdrMinLuminance ? No Description
r_hdrRendering ? No Description
r_hdrToneMappingOperator ? No Description
r_heatHazeFix ? No Description
r_highQualityNormalMapping ? No Description
r_ignore int 1 No Description ⚠️
r_ignoreGLErrors ? No Description
r_intensity ? No Description
r_lightScale float 1 Scales the light by givven value (static & dynamic)
r_lockPvs ? No Description
r_lodBias int 0 Set level of details bias
r_lodScale ? No Description
r_lodTest ? No Description
r_logFile ? No Description
r_mapOverBrightBits ? No Description
r_materialScan bitmask 3 Sets paths for shader parsing.
1 - parse vanilla shaders
2 - parse renderer2 shaders
r_maxPolys ? No Description
r_maxPolyVerts ? No Description
r_measureOverdraw int 0 Enables stencil buffer overdraw measurement ⚠️
r_noBind ? No Description
r_noCull ? No Description
r_noCurves ? No Description
r_noFog ? No Description
r_noInteractionSort ? No Description
r_noLightFrustums ? No Description
r_noLightScissors ? No Description
r_noLightVisCull ? No Description
r_noMarksOnTrisurfs ? No Description
r_noportals ? No Description
r_noreFresh ? No Description
r_normalMapping int 0 Enables normal mapping
r_normalScale ? No Description
r_noShadowFrustums ? No Description
r_noShadowPyramids ? No Description
r_noVis ? No Description
r_offsetFactor ? No Description
r_offsetUnits ? No Description
r_overBrightBits ? No Description
r_parallaxDepthScale ? No Description
r_parallaxMapping ? No Description
r_parallelShadowSplits ? No Description
r_parallelShadowSplitWeight ? No Description
r_picMip ? No Description
r_portalOnly ? No Description
r_portalSky ? No Description
r_precomputedLighting ? No Description
r_printShaders ? No Description
r_railCoreWidth int 16 No Description
r_railSegmentLength int 32 No Description
r_railWidth int 96 No Description
r_recompileShaders ? No Description
r_reflectionMapping int 0 Enables cubemap based specular mapping
r_rimExponent ? No Description
r_rimLighting ? No Description
r_rotoscope ? No Description
r_rotoscopeBlur ? No Description
r_roundImagesDown ? No Description
r_screenshotJpegQuality ? No Description
r_screenSpaceAmbientOcclusion ? No Description
r_shadowBlur ? No Description
r_shadowLodBias ? No Description
r_shadowLodScale ? No Description
r_shadowMapDepthScale ? No Description
r_shadowMapLinearFilter ? No Description
r_shadowMapLuminanceAlpha ? No Description
r_shadowMapQuality ? No Description
r_shadowMapSizeHigh ? No Description
r_shadowMapSizeLow ? No Description
r_shadowMapSizeMedium ? No Description
r_shadowMapSizeSunHigh ? No Description
r_shadowMapSizeSunLow ? No Description
r_shadowMapSizeSunMedium ? No Description
r_shadowMapSizeSunUltra ? No Description
r_shadowMapSizeSunVeryHigh ? No Description
r_shadowMapSizeUltra ? No Description
r_shadowMapSizeVeryHigh ? No Description
r_shadowOffsetFactor ? No Description
r_shadowOffsetUnits ? No Description
r_shadows ? No Description
r_showBatches ? No Description
r_showBspNodes ? No Description
r_showCluster ? No Description
r_showCubeProbes ? No Description
r_showDecalProjectors ? No Description
r_showDeluxeMaps ? No Description
r_showEntityTransforms ? No Description
r_showImages ? No Description
r_showLightBatches ? No Description
r_showLightGrid ? No Description
r_showLightInteractions ? No Description
r_showLightMaps ? No Description
r_showLightScissors ? No Description
r_showLightTransforms ? No Description
r_showOcclusionQueries ? No Description
r_showParallelShadowSplits ? No Description
r_showShadowLod ? No Description
r_showShadowMaps ? No Description
r_showShadowVolumes ? No Description
r_showSkeleton ? No Description
r_showSky ? No Description
r_showTris int 0 No Description
r_simpleMipMaps ? No Description
r_singleShader ? No Description
r_skipBackEnd int 0 No Description ⚠️
r_skipLightBuffer int 0 No Description ⚠️
r_smoothNormals ? Do another extra smoothing for normals to avoid flat shading experimenta
r_softShadows ? No Description
r_specularExponent ? No Description
r_specularExponent2 ? No Description
r_specularScale ? No Description
r_speeds ? No Description
r_staticLight ? No Description
r_stitchCurves ? No Description
r_subDivisions ? No Description
r_textureMode ? No Description
r_uiFullScreen ? No Description
r_vboCurves ? No Description
r_vboFaces ? No Description
r_vboFoliage ? No Description
r_vboLighting ? No Description
r_vboModels ? No Description
r_vboShadows ? No Description
r_vboSmoothNormals ? No Description
r_vboTriangles ? No Description
r_vboVertexSkinning ? No Description
r_vertexLighting ? No Description
r_wolfFog ? No Description
r_worldInlineModels ? No Description
r_wrapAroundLighting ? No Description
r_zNear int 3 No Description ⚠️

s_ - Additional or changed

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
s_alPrecache TODO -1 OpenAL only - <enter description>
s_alGain TODO -1 OpenAL only - <enter description>
s_alAvailableDevices TODO -1 OpenAL only - <enter description>
s_alDevice TODO -1 OpenAL only - <enter description>
s_alDriver TODO -1 OpenAL only - <enter description>
s_alDopplerFactor TODO -1 OpenAL only - <enter description>
s_alDopplerSpeed TODO -1 OpenAL only - <enter description>
s_alGraceDistance TODO -1 OpenAL only - <enter description>
s_alMinDistance TODO -1 OpenAL only - <enter description>
s_alMaxDistance TODO -1 OpenAL only - <enter description>
s_alRolloff TODO -1 OpenAL only - <enter description>
s_alSources TODO -1 OpenAL only - <enter description>
s_debugStreams int 0 TMP var to debug streams in OpenAL and DMA sound
s_device int -1 Specifies the used sound device. Enter command /sndlist for available devices.
s_initsound int 1 Sound and sound system control.
0 - disabled
1 - Base
2 - OpenAL
s_muteWhenMinimized int 1 Mutes the sound when the game window is minimized.
s_muteWhenUnfocused int 0 Mutes the sound when the game window is not in focus.

UNSAFE client cvars

The settings of following cvars are unsafe in vanilla renderer and might cause crashes and other side effects.
These cvars can be restored to default values by the after crash dialog.

  • s_initsound
  • r_allowExtensions
  • r_ext_compressed_textures
  • r_ext_multitexture
  • r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic
  • r_texturebits
  • r_mode
  • r_stencilbits
  • r_depthbits
  • r_colorbits
  • r_ignorehwgamma
  • r_ext_multisample
  • r_primitives (some ATI cards require a value of 2 instead default 0)


sv_ - Additional or changed

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
sv_advert bitmask 1 Controls whether to send information to ET master server or tracker.
1 - master server
2 - Tracker
sv_dl_timeout int 300 Seconds without any message from downloading or preparing clients.
See also sv_timeout - default value is decreased to 40
sv_ipMaxClients int 0 Limits connections per IP to cvar value.
sv_masterX string URL of the master server. User can add custom cvars sv_master3 to sv_master5 with addresses of additional master servers, e.g. set sv_master3
sv_master{3,4,5} ""
sv_protect bitmask 1 Getstatus response limit protection. (\)
0 - unprotected
1 - ioquake3 method
2 - OpenWolf method
4 - console output
sv_protectLog string "" When string is set all sv_protect and server security related messages are written into separate log file.
sv_dlRate int 100 Speed of direct server download (in kilobytes per second).
sv_minRate int 0 No description yet.
sv_wh_active int 0 When set to "1", the wallhack prevention code is activated.
sv_wh_bbox_horz int 60 These is the horizontal dimension (in Quake units) of the players’ bounding boxes used for performing line-of-sight traces. All eight corners of the bounding box are checked for visibility.
sv_wh_bbox_vert int 100 These is the vertical dimension (in Quake units) of the players’ bounding boxes used for performing line-of-sight traces. All eight corners of the bounding box are checked for visibility.
sv_wh_add_xy int 0 When set to "1" the modified position of invisible opponents will contain a bit of X/Y direction information.
sv_zombietime int 2 add description
sv_hidden int 0 Hide the server from queries and from master servers.


cg_ - Additional or changed

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
cg_automapZoom float 5.159 Adjusts the zoom level of the HUD compass. Lowering this value means zooming out.
cg_countryFlags boolean 1 Toggles the country flags GeoIP functionality on client side.
cg_drawTime bitmask 0 Draws the local time in the HUD.
0 - disabled
1 - enabled
2 - draw seconds
4 - 12h am/pm
cg_drawPing boolean 0 Toggles ping display.
cg_drawspeed int 0 Draws player speed.
0 - disabled
1 - UPS
2 - KPH
3 - MPH
4 - UPS + highest
5 - KPH + highest
6 - MPH + highest
cg_logFile string "" Sets the name of the chat log file saved in the client’s 'legacy’ folder. When nothing is set, chat log is disabled.
cg_shadows int 1 Type of shadows to display.
0 - none
1 - blob
2 - Stencil (currently broken)
3 - Projection (currently broken)
4 - Polygon (currently broken)
cg_hitsounds bitmask 0 Hit sound control.
0 - none
1 - all
2 - no body hit sound
4 - no head hit sound
8 - no team hit sound
cg_locations bitmask 3 Controls behaviour of location views.
0 - coordinates only
1 - names fireteam only
2 - names team chat only
3 - team & fireteam chat
cg_optimizePrediction int 1 Enables optimized prediction for the client.
cg_quickchat int 0 Controls behaviour of alt quick chat.
0 - disabled
1 - team
2 - fireteam only
cg_spawnTimer_period int 20 Don’t modify. Use console commands /timerSet and /resetTimer instead.
cg_spawnTimer_set int 0 Don’t modify. Use console commands /timerSet and /resetTimer instead.
cg_tracers bitmask 1 Controls visibility of bullet tracers. (\)
0 - Don’t show
1 - Show all
2 - Show only own
3 - Show only enemy
cg_fireteamLatchedClass boolean 1 Toggles the fire team members latched class display.
cg_altHud bitmask 0 Controls the hud style.
0 - Default hud
1 - Custom hud 1
2 - Custom hud 2
cg_popupFilter bitmask 0 Filter popups messages.
0 - disabled
1 - filter connect
2 - filter team join
4 - filter mission
8 - filter pickup
16 - filter death
cg_popupBigFilter bitmask 0 Filter promotion popups.
0 - disabled
1 - filter skill promotions
2 - filter rank promotions
cg_popupStayTime int 2500 Sets the time which the popups will stay visible in milliseconds.
cg_popupFadeTime int 2000 Sets the delay in which the popups will fade away is milliseconds.
cg_fontScaleTP float 0.35 Resizes the font of the top printed messages (Warmup message and Spectator label).
cg_fontScaleSP float 0.22 Resizes the font of the side printed messages (Limbo/Fireteam/Vote/Obituaries/Skill upgrade).
cg_fontScaleCP float 0.22 Resizes the font of the center printed messages (CenterPrint/Objective Info/Skill reward).
cg_fontScaleCN float 0.25 Resizes the font of the Crosshair name labels.
cg_graphicObituaries int 0 Display graphical obituaries.
0 - disabled
1 - victim - killer
2 - killer - victim
cg_drawCrosshairNames int 1 Draws crosshair name when aiming at teammates.
0 - disabled
1 - draw name
2 - draw coloured name
cg_drawCrosshairInfo bitmask 3 Draws crosshair info when aiming at teammates.
0 - disabled
1 - draw class
2 - draw rank
cg_voiceText int 1 Enable voice text (changed from cg_noVoiceText).
cg_voiceChat int 1 Enable voice chat (changed from cg_noVoiceChat).
cg_visualEffects int 1 Draw visual effects like airstrike plane, debris, ... .

g_ - Additional or changed

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
g_antiwarp int 1 Enables Zinx’s ETPro antiwarp.
0 - disabled
1 - enabled
g_campaignFile string "" Allows admins to specify a specific campaign file, to prevent server from referencing every pk3 on the server and forcing players to download every referenced pk3 on the server.
g_countryFlags bitflag 1 Toggles the country flags GeoIP functionality server side.
0 - disabled
1 - enabled
2 - display player’s country in connect string
g_corpses int 0 Enables 'unlimited’ corpses.
g_customConfig string "" Custom config file. (These *.config files are different from the *.cfg files. See sources etmain/configs
g_debugHitboxes int 0/1/2 CVAR_CHEAT only, for debug purpose. A value of 1 shows hitboxes in ClientEndFrame, a value of 2 shows hitboxes in ClientThink_real
g_dropAmmo int 0 Number of ammo packs dropped when field opp player reaches limbo death.
g_dropHealth int 0 Number of health packs dropped when medic player reaches limbo death.
g_excludedMaps string "" Used to exclude map that would otherwise be listed in the map voting list. The format is ":map1:map2:map3:", where mapX is the .bsp name. Note that each mapname must be fully surrounded by ":" otherwise the map will not be excluded. (g_gametype is 6 only)
g_fieldopsChargeTime int 40000 Changed from g_LTChargeTime
g_fixedPhysics int 0 Enables or disables physics corrections related to player frame rates. Mathematical rounding errors directly related to certain player frame rates would allow for slightly increased jumping height and distance. With this enabled, rounding errors are avoided, and some artificial rounding error is introduced to simulate those errors, and thus the advantage negated. g_fixedPhysicsFPS(cvar) controls the FPS the added rounding error emulates.
g_fixedPhysicsFPS int 125 Sets the emulated FPS value when calculating the artificial rounding errorused in g_fixedPhysics. The "magic" numbers to use for this setting are 76,125, and 333, however, 125 works well and since this value is used as the default for several other mods, it should feel comfortable to most players.
g_gametype int N/A Gametype that the server should use to order and run maps.
2 - objective
3 - stopwatch
4 - campaign
5 - last man standing
6 - map voting
g_intermissionTime int 60 Set the duration (in seconds) for which the end-of-game screens display before loading the next map.
g_intermissionReadyPercent int 100 The percentage of players who need to hit the 'READY’ button, to move on to the next map without waiting 'g_intermissionTime’ to run out.
g_ip_max_clients int 3 Limits connections per IP to cvar value.
Obsolete. This has been moved to sv_ipMaxClients in ET: L 2.76!
g_mapConfigs string "" Relative path to the directory that contains map-specific config files. Create this directory inside of your legacy-folder. Allows you to execute a custom config file for each map.
The config file for a map has to be named the same as the map with the extension .cfg, for instance oasis.cfg. You should also create a default.cfg file which will be read before the map-specific config files.
g_mapscriptdirectory string "mapscripts" Relative path to the directory that contains custom mapscripts. Create this directory inside of your legacy-folder.
Similar to ETPro’s b_mapScriptsDirectory. New (not empty string) default value since 2.78
g_mapVoteFlags int 0 Ways to change how map voting does work. (g_gametype is 6 only)
1 - Changes the tie breaker so that the map not played the longest wins.
2 - Intermission doesn’t end until g_intermissionReadyPercent people have voted. If there are no players connected to the server, intermission will end at the timeout. Note: This means that if there are spectators connected and not voting, the next map will not load until those spectators either vote, disconnect, or get kicked by the system!
4 - Multi-voting. Allows everybody to vote for 3 maps instead of one. First map of choice gets 3 votes, the second 2 and the third map gets one.
8 - Don’t randomize the maps, they will always appear in the same order.
16 - A passed nextmap vote will start the intermission and lets players vote which map should be played next. Note: One of the two teams will automatically be displayed as the current map winner.
32 - Disables the ready button during intermission.
g_maxMapsVotedFor int 6 How many maps are presented to users for voting upon during intermission (g_gametype is 6 only).
g_maxWarp int 4 This allows you to control the amount of "warping" that players with high packet loss can do.
The [integer] is the number of server frames that you allow a player to miss before their next movement is put in check.
A server frame is 50ms on a typical server (sv_fps set to 20). This means that if you set g_maxWarp to 5 you won’t allow
players to warp from point A to point B if that distance takes an normal player 1/4 of a second to travel.
Setting this to 1 is a good way to drive off just about everyone from your server.
g_minMapAge int 3 How long a map is ineligible for voting, after it is played (g_gametype is 6 only).
g_misc bitflag 0 1 - enable vertical shoving when g_shove is enabled,
2 - unused
4 - unused
8 - display owner of dynamite,
16 - display owner of landmine,
g_moverScale float 1.0 Multiplicator for mover speed.
g_multiview int 0 0 - disables multiview server side, else enabled
g_pronedelay int 0 Enables delayed proning (like in etpro). When enabled adds max spread for a second and increases the prone time from 750ms to 1750ms.
0 - disabled
1 - enabled
g_protect bitmask 0 Mod side security options. See also sv_protect. (\)
0 - no protection
1 - no auto ref for localhost clients
g_resetXPMapCount int 0 Under construction (g_gametype is 6 only)
g_shove int 80 Enables pushing for players. A value of 0 disables shoving. Bots can use shove by adding 64 to omnibot_flags.
g_scriptDebugTarget int 0 filter out script debug messages from other entitie.
g_skillRating int 2 Enable skill rating algorithm.
0 - disabled
1 - standard
2 - includes map bias
g_stickycharge int 0 It controls when the charge is reset or restored, following b_stickycharge behavior, the etpro cva
0 - full reset on spawn
1 - resets the charge on each respawn, unless /kill was issued
2 - never resets the charge
g_voting bitmask 0 Various voting options.
1 - use total voters instead of total players to decide if a vote passes
2 - successful votes do not count against vote limit
4 - append "(called by name)" in vote string

omnibot_ - Additional

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
omnibot_enable int 0 See Omni-Bot installation instructions
omnibot_flags int 0 See Omni-Bot installation instructions
omnibot_logsize int 0 See Install Omni-Bot - Optional Log Size
omnibot_path string "" ET: Legacy requires Omni-bot version 0.8.4
See Omni-Bot installation instructions
omnibot_playing int 0 See Omni-Bot installation instructions

lua - Additional or changed

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
lua_modules string "" Space separated list of lua modules to load. Modules will be run in the order listed.
lua_allowedModules string "" If set, only lua modules with the matching sha1 signatures listed in this cvar will be allowed to load.

Changing either cvar will cause all currently loaded modules to :quit and be unloaded until the next map_restart.

skill_ - Additional

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
skill_soldier string "20 50 90 140" This controls the amount of soldier XP required to advance a level per skill. All 4 levels must be filled out to work properly. A value of -1 disables a particular skill.
skill_medic string "20 50 90 140" This controls the amount of medic XP required to advance a level per skill. All 4 levels must be filled out to work properly. A value of -1 disables a particular skill.
skill_fieldops string "20 50 90 140" This controls the amount of fieldops XP required to advance a level per skill. All 4 levels must be filled out to work properly. A value of -1 disables a particular skill.
skill_engineer string "20 50 90 140" This controls the amount of engineer XP required to advance a level per skill. All 4 levels must be filled out to work properly. A value of -1 disables a particular skill.
skill_covertops string "20 50 90 140" This controls the amount of covertops XP required to advance a level per skill. All 4 levels must be filled out to work properly. A value of -1 disables a particular skill.
skill_battlesense string "20 50 90 140" This controls the amount of battle sense XP required to advance a level per skill. All 4 levels must be filled out to work properly. A value of -1 disables a particular skill.
skill_lightweapons string "20 50 90 140" This controls the amount of light weapons XP required to advance a level per skill. All 4 levels must be filled out to work properly. A value of -1 disables a particular skill.

team_ - Additional

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
team_maxAirstrikes int 0 The amount of airstrikes allowed per team per minute (0 is automatic scaling based on number of players and fielops in the team, and g_heavyWeaponRestriction).
team_maxArtillery int 0 The amount of artillery strikes allowed per team per minute (0 is automatic scaling based on number of players and fielops in the team, and g_heavyWeaponRestriction).
team_maxSoldiers int -1 Set a limit on the number of Soldiers allowed on each team (-1 is unlimited)
team_maxMedics int -1 Set a limit on the number of Soldiers allowed on each team (-1 is unlimited)
team_maxEngineers int -1 Set a limit on the number of Medics allowed on each team (-1 is unlimited)
team_maxFieldops int -1 Set a limit on the number of Field Ops allowed on each team (-1 is unlimited)
team_maxCovertops int -1 Set a limit on the number of Covert Ops allowed on each team (-1 is unlimited)
team_maxMortars int -1 Set a limit on the number of Mortars allowed on each team (-1 is unlimited)
team_maxFlamers int -1 Set a limit on the number of Flamethrower allowed on each team (-1 is unlimited)
team_maxMachineguns int -1 Set a limit on the number of heavy Machine guns allowed on each team (-1 is unlimited)
team_maxRockets int -1 Set a limit on the number of Rocket launchers allowed on each team (-1 is unlimited)
team_maxRiflegrenades int -1 Set a limit on the number of Rifle Grenades allowed on each team (-1 is unlimited)
team_maxLandmines int 10 Sets the maximum number of landmines a team can have plant.

ui_ - Additional

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
ui_serverBrowserSettings bitmask 0 Server browser security features. This cannot be changed in console but can be set from the init command line. ⚠️
0 - enhanced security
1 - allow server redirection
2 - allow humans count display for all ET:Legacy servers
4 - allow phony server facade display


com_ - Additional or changed

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
com_ansiColor int 0 (Windows) Enables color output in the system console.
1 (Unix)
com_downloadURL string "" Specifies the address which is used for the download command.
com_introplayed int 0 When the value is 1, intro is not played upon game start.
com_pidfile string profiles/name/ (client) Full path to the pid file (contains process id). (server)

db_ - Additional

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
db_mode int 0 0 - disabled, 1 - sqlite3 memory tables, 2 - sqlite3 file tables
db_uri string 0 URI (file name) of database

irc_ - Additional

Cvar Type Default Description ET:L-specific
irc_mode bitmask 0 IRC client options
0 - default
1 - Direct connect on startup
2 - Override irc nickname
4 - Mute channel
irc_server string Name of IRC server
irc_channel string #etlegacy Name of IRC channel - no '#' required
irc_port int 6667 Port of IRC server
irc_nickname string "ETLegacy Player" The nick name of IRC user
irc_kick_rejoin int 0 Auto rejoin time after kick
irc_reconnect_delay int 100 Reconnect time in ms

Removed cvars

Cvar Description
cg_animState Unused
cg_bigFont Unused
cg_blinktime Unused
cg_bobyaw Unused
cg_botMenuType Cvar used to implement context sensitive bot menu. If this is set to "engineer", for instance, then only engineer commands will show up. Unused.
cg_cameraMode Unused
cg_cameraOrbit Unused
cg_cameraOrbitDelay Unused
cg_deferPlayers Unused
cg_drawTeamOverlay Unused
cg_enableBreath q3 relic
cg_fastSolids Unused
cg_footsteps Useless cheat protected cvar - no known use case.
cg_gun_fovscale Obsolete
cg_ignore Unused
cg_message Unused
cg_messagePlayer Unused
cg_messagePlayerName Unused
cg_movespeed Unused
cg_norender Nonsens/obsolete.
cg_noTaunt Unused
cg_popupLimboMenu Unused
cg_popupTime Removed - no delay for popups.
cg_railTrailTime Removed - static value of 50.
cg_runpitch Removed - never working cvar
cg_runroll Removed - never working cvar
cg_specHelp Multi view only.
cg_smallFont Unused
cg_stereoSeparation Unused
cg_timescaleFadeEnd Unused
cg_timescaleFadeSpeed Unused
cg_useScreenshotJPEG Removed - JPEG is used by default
cg_viewSize Unused. Originally set the % of screen actually displaying rendered game.
cg_zoomDefaultBinoc Unused
cg_zoomDefaultFG Unused
cg_zoomDefaultSnooper Unused
cg_zoomFov Unused
cg_zoomStepBinoc Unused
cg_zoomStepSnooper Unused
cg_zoomStepFG Unused
ch_font Unused
cl_anonymous Unused. It was part of userinfo, but the iD Master Server seems not to mind when it is missing.
cl_language New cvar to set language is cl_lang so we don’t interfere with integer based vanilla cvar
cl_inGameVideo Obsolete/removed
cl_visibleClients Unused
cl_waitForFire Unused
con_debug Unused
con_restricted Relic from commercial games which restricted console usage.
com_cameraMode Unused
com_noErrorInterrupt Unused
devdll Unused
dmflags Q3 relic.
fraglimit Q3 relic.
fs_apppath Unused. Search the .app bundle for .pk3 files.
fs_buildpath Unused
fs_buildgame Unused
fs_cdpath Unused
fs_copyfiles Unused
fs_restrict Restrictions on mod/content usage. Demo and beta testing relic.
g_footstepAudibleRange Unused
g_fraglimit Unused
g_letterbox Unused
g_oldCampaign Unused
g_podiumDist Unused
g_podiumDrop Unused
g_quadfactor Unused
g_rankings Unused
g_showHeadshotRatio Unused
g_smoothClients Obsolete.
g_teamAutoJoin Unused
g_warmupLatch Unused
in_macMouseDivider Obsolete/removed
in_midi Windows only, unused
in_midiport Windows only, unused
in_midichannel Windows only, unused
in_mididevice Windows only, unused
joy_threshold Renamed to in_joystickThreshold
joy_xbutton Obsolete/removed
joy_ybutton Obsolete/removed
mv_sensitivity Multi view only.
r_clampToEdge OpenGL 1.2 GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE support.
r_ext_NV_fog_dist Nvidia specific extensions.
r_nv_fogdist_mode is required by the N!tmod NxAC Client Cvars Scanner. See FAQ
r_ext_ATI_pntriangles ATI specific extensions.
r_dlightBacks Unused
r_ext_compiled_vertex_array No longer used.
r_ext_gamma_control Unused
r_glDriver OpenGL driver.
r_glIgnoreWicked3D Unused
r_inGameVideo Obsolete/removed
r_smp SMP has been removed - see #44
r_showmodelbounds Code commented out.
r_showSmp SMP has been removed - see #44
r_stereoEnabled Removed
r_stereo Unused
r_stereoSeparation Unused
r_textureAnisotropy Replaced by r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic. See above.
r_railCoreWidth Unused
r_verbose Unused
r_anaglyphMode Unused
r_buildScript Unused (com_buildScript)
r_rmse Unused
r_aviMotionJpegQuality Unused
server_autoconfig Replaced by g_customConfig
sv_allowAnonymous Obsolete
sv_keywords Only used in combination with fs_restrict.
sv_serverRestarting Set when server is being restarted, but never used.
sv_dl_maxRate sv_dlRate introduced instead.
ui_arenasFile Unused
ui_autoredirect Automatic redirection has been removed. User input is required.
ui_bigFont Unused
ui_botsFile Unused
ui_browserGameType Unused
ui_browserMaster Unused
ui_browserShowPunkBuster Obsolete
ui_browserSortKey Unused
ui_clipboardName Unused
ui_cmd Unused
ui_ctf_capturelimit Unused
ui_ctf_timelimit Unused
ui_ctf_friendly Unused
ui_ffa_fraglimit Unused
ui_ffa_timelimit Unused
ui_isSpectator Obsolete
ui_limboObjective Unused
ui_limboOptions Unused
ui_limboPrevOptions Unused
ui_master Unused
ui_notebookCurrentPage Unused
ui_prevClass Unused
ui_prevTeam Unused
ui_prevWeapon Unused
ui_Q3Model Unused. Relic from Quake III Arena where it switched between Team Arena and Q3 models.
ui_singlePlayerActive Unused
ui_smallFont Unused
ui_spAwards Unused
ui_spScores1 Unused
ui_spScores2 Unused
ui_spScores3 Unused
ui_spScores4 Unused
ui_spScores5 Unused
ui_spSelection Unused
ui_spSkill Unused
ui_spVideos Unused
ui_team_fraglimit Unused
ui_team_timelimit Unused
ui_team_friendly Unused
ui_userTimeLimit Unused
vid_xpos Obsolete
vid_ypos Obsolete
vm_cgame Unused relic
vm_game Unused relic
vm_ui Unused relic
z_serverflags Unused

Cvar types

  • cg = client game (mod - cgame)
  • cl = client engine
  • com = common
  • con = console
  • db = database (new in ETL)
  • fs = file system
  • g = game (mod - qagame)
  • lua = lua
  • mid = midi (Windows only, removed from ETL)
  • in = input
  • mv = multi view
  • net = network settings
  • r = renderer
  • s = sound settings
  • sdl = SDL settings
  • sv = server
  • ui = user interface and browser settings
  • team = team game (mod - qagame)
  • vm = virtual machine (no longer used in ET: Legacy)

Cvar flags

  • ? = user created/mod
  • A = archived
  • L = latched (requires a restart)
  • C = cheat
  • P = protected
  • T = temp
  • I = init
  • R = rom
  • S = system