Omni-bot is a system providing artificial intelligence controlled bots for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory servers. It has been included in many mods, and is also supported in ET: Legacy.


Since version 2.76 you do not have to install Omni-bot yourself when you have a fresh install of ET: Legacy. Instead, the installer takes care of the configuration and you should not have to go through the following steps.

Before installing, make sure you have downloaded the latest version from the Omni-bot website. Extract the omni-bot directory into your legacy directory in fs_basepath. After extracting and putting the files in the right place, you may adjust two cvars in your configuration file:

set omnibot_enable 1
set omnibot_path "<insert path omni-bot directory>"
Use a relative path, or try an absolute path if the engine still can’t load the Omni-bot framework. You should update your default server config with the above two lines if you want your server to load Omni-bot by default.

Starting a server with bots

If you have configured your server as described in the above section, Omni-bot should be running the next time you start your server or reload the config and load a map. If not, start ET: Legacy as follows: ./etlded +set omnibot_enable 1 +set omnibot_path "./legacy/omni-bot".

Ensure Omni-bot is loaded by starting a local/listen server and checking for initialization messages in the console:

Omni-bot: Looking for ./legacy/omni-bot/, 
Omni-bot: Found Omni-bot: ./legacy/omni-bot/, Attempting to Initialize
Omni-bot: Omni-bot Loaded Successfully
ET autoexec script executed. 
Loaded Waypoints.
Bot Initialized in 0.16 seconds.
Omni-Bot Initialization completed in 0.17 seconds.


If you have Omni-bot running on your server, you can change the configuration using console commands, prefixed by bot (for example bot maxbots 16).

command description
minbots minimum amount of bots on the server, set -1 to disable
maxbots maximum amount of bots on the server, set -1 to add/remove bots manually
difficulty difficulty of the bots. 0 is easy, 4 is default, 6 is hard, -1 is random
moveskill combat movement difficulty
balanceteams bots will balance teams if enabled (1) or do nothing (0)

When bots are connecting, you may start to configure the bots as you like with the omnibot_flags cvar (see the cvars documentation).


  • Currently the bot framework is installed in fs_basepath/legacy/omni-bot. This may cause issues when there is no write permission set for <fs_basepath>/legacy/omni-bot/et/user/omni-bot.cfg and SaveConfigChanges is set to 1 in that file (see #217)
  • We would like to add more Omni-bot control options to the menus. Any help is much appreciated (see #183)
  • You can share the Omni-bot install of ET: Legacy with other mods. Just set the same value for the omnibot_path cvar in the mod config
  • If bots are connected but do not leave the spawn area the navigation file (<map>.nav - see <fs_basepath>/legacy/omni-bot/et/nav) of that specific map is missing. This should not occur on stock maps and many common maps.

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