Path & File structure

ET: Legacy no longer requires the genuine mp_bin.pk3 in the etmain folder.
The default fs_homepath has been changed to $HOME/.etlegacy (*nix) and %userprofile%\Documents\ETLegacy (Win).


The new ET: Legacy has got a slightly different default path structure than genuine ET - we did set up an own game data path (fs_homepath).

While ET Linux users already know the split between install- and game data files this was not constantly done for Windows systems.

So on NIX based systems game data are now stored in "$HOME/.etlegacy" path and on Windows in "ETLegacy" path of the users Documents folder
(%userprofile%\Documents) per default.

Unfortunately, this change makes ET: Legacy clients to use other cfg files than genuine ET and they might have to download pk3s again. We are very sorry about that but there is still the option to copy already downloaded pk3 files from the genuine install. We do not recommend to use same fs_homepath for both (W:ET & ET:L).

On the other side, there is a clean path structure, we ensure clean cfg files and Windows users are no longer in trouble when their installations are full of unwanted menu or other pk3 files. Just remove these pk3s from %userprofile%\Documents\ETLegacy\ folder. It is also no longer a big deal to run listen servers (hosting a game) anytime - the install will not be messed up with downloaded pk3s. And because ET:L does not have to write into "Program Files" folder at runtime anymore, administrator privileges are no longer required to start the game.

Basepath - fs_basepath

Defaults on:
- Windows 32-bit: C:\Program Files\Enemy Territory - Legacy
- Windows 64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Enemy Territory - Legacy
- Linux: $HOME/etlegacy (official release install path, distribution packages should use the default /usr/lib/etlegacy path)
- Mac: The folder containing (usually /Applications/ET Legacy/)

Important note: The Install path of mods is fs_basepath.
If you want to install mods (ETPub, jaymod, NQ ...) on your server put the installation files of the mod into fs_basepath similar to the following path structure of the legacy path.

fs_basepath content

  • etmain
    • campaigncycle.cfg
    • etl_server.cfg (server/engine cfg file)
    • legacy.cfg (mod config file)
    • lmscycle.cfg
    • mapvotecycle.cfg
    • objectivecycle.cfg
    • etkey (file containing your unique GUID)
    • pak0.pk3 (genuine ET)
    • pak1.pk3 (genuine ET)
    • pak2.pk3 (genuine ET)
  • legacy
    • etl_bin.pk3 (ET Legacy mod binary pack)
    • pak3.pk3 (ET Legacy mod asset pack)
    • (ET Legacy game binary)
    • omni-bot (optional, this isn’t the 'omnibot’ path of Omnibot mod!)
      • (Omni-bot lib)
      • et
      • global_scripts
  • COPYING.txt
  • etl/etl.exe
  • etlded/etlded.exe
  • INSTALL.txt
  • librenderer_opengl1_x86_64
  • librenderer_opengl2_x86_64

fs_basepath content on Mac OS X

  • (the client)
  • etlded (the dedicated server)
  • etmain/
    • pak0.pk3 (genuine ET)
    • pak1.pk3 (genuine ET)
    • pak2.pk3 (genuine ET)
    • video/etintro.roq (Optional)
  • legacy/
    • qagame_mac
    • etl_bin_<version>.pk3
    • pak3_<version>.pk3

Homepath - fs_homepath

Contains all downloaded pk3, log, config and extracted binary files.

Defaults on
- Windows: %userprofile%\Documents\ETLegacy\
- Linux: $HOME/.etlegacy
- Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/etlegacy

fs_homepath content

  • <omnibot_MAP.log>
  • etmain
    • profile (profile path used for etmain)
    • etkey (file containing your unique GUID)
    • <DOWNLOADED_/MAPS> (new since 2.77: maps recognized by whitelist)
    • <SERVER_CONTAINER_IP>/<DOWNLOADED_PK3s> (new since 2.77: custom pk3s not recognized by whitelist)
  • legacy
    • (ET Legacy cgame binary, also content of etl_bin.pk3 - extracted after mod start)
    • (ET Legacy ui binary - also content of etl_bin.pk3 - extracted after game start)
    • profile (profile path used for etlegacy mod)
    • demos
    • screenshots
    • <SERVER_CONTAINER_IP>/<DOWNLOADED_MOD_PK3S> (new since 2.77: mod pk3s not recognized by whitelist)
    • crashlog.txt
    • etlconfig.cfg
    • <DOWNLOADED_MOD_PK3S> (new since 2.77: mod pk3s recognized by whitelist)
  • <DOWNLOADED_MOD_PATHES> (other mods)

Custom maps and pk3s on servers

Custom maps, rotation config and campaign pk3 files should always be copied into the etmain folder of fs_homepath to ensure the files can be read by all mods. It’s kind of standard and bad style if you put maps into mod folders: As result users have to download maps for each mod,

Copy all other custom pk3s (sound-, skin- or whatever packs) into the mod folders. Many pk3s are mod related so better don’t put these into etmain.