Read this!
Renderer2 is experimental. You shouldn’t use it if you don’t know how to set cvars in general/as start param.
See minimum hard- and software requirements for ET: Legacy renderer2.


Our new renderer2 is the approach to get more modern graphics and effects into ET.

To view all benefits from new renderer2 you have to download the additional asset pack.

For now put it into your <fs_basepath>/legacy folder only! (We might change that in future.)

Special CVARs

These cvars require a 'vid_restart’ command if modified at runtime.


This is the cvar to control shader loading. A value of 1 will only use the shader files from scripts folder (default vanilla). A value of 2 will only parse shader files from materials folder (new r2 shader files). A value of 3 will parse both folders. The materials folder is the primary folder in that case and r2 material is prefered.

- Don’t set this to a value of 2 for other mods. The legacy mod is the only mod supporting this!
- A value of 3 might cause MAX_SHADERS reached error


Enables DBS mapping. HF!


This will create cubemaps images on start and enable reflection mapping.

Note: Creating cubemaps has some special effects on the screen - we are working on this.

Differences & notes:

var renderer2 renderer1 note
com_hunkmegs 512 128 This has to be set via start param
r_gamma 1.0 1.3 -
cg_shadows 1 - 6 1 Don’t set cg_shadows 2 in vanilla renderer