Spyhawks notes

Effect of players feelings

Probabilistic and statistical models

Various Legacy mod ideas

From etpro changelog:
  • players who call a vote may abort it with F2
  • specinvited spectators hear announcement for the opposite team(?)
  • do something with the ignore session flag
  • sclogin/sclogout not autocompleted → many cgame command are not! (client command are, though)
  • show hudAxisHelmet on HUD
  • fix medic/ammo icon showing for all classes on compass?
  • add more location option? + coordinate typo in UI
  • no Connection Interrupted message before intermission (move trap_SetConfigstring(CS_INTERMISSION, "1"); up?)
  • Info_SetValueForKey(cs, "Y", (va("%i", g_resetXPMapCount.integer))); fixme
  • g_resetXPMapCount - // FIXME: mapvote & xp, merge with XP only display
  • Rotating doors can be opened even while they are already closing (nq 129b5)
  • check objectiveStats.. what is this?
  • io3 file checks
  • follow cvar: FT member first, only , or objective carrier first
  • revealed landmines notifications options
  • construct/destruct pm message + icon
  • add name of objective doers
  • improved compass indicator
  • allow map mortar icon when fieldops has no power bar
  • landmine spot location
  • spec label flash when in revive state
  • cvar gameplay change annoucement
  • ingame documentation
  • sound for blown cover, construction aera warning
  • display close players on command map when spectating (not only self)

Various stuff

SDL in OpenJK:

< Ensiform> i dunno if you checked our sdl/sys code now
23:24 < Ensiform> we did some differences from ioq3
23:24 < spyhawk> not really
23:25 < spyhawk> k, I’ll add this to my todo list
23:25 < Ensiform> error dialog code etc
23:25 < Ensiform> uses the SDL messagebox where possible
23:25 < Ensiform> and copies the log to homepath
23:25 < Ensiform> if possible
23:25 < Ensiform> if all else fails it will print to stder

Temp stuff:

[16:08] <Viech> I see. you could use exponential fading to have the recoil state linger around/reset smoothly without keeping much state. set a target recoil intensity when shooting or stopping to shoot and fade to that value framerate-independently
[16:09] <Ensiform> is unvanq planning on adding recoil for humans?
[16:09] <Viech> not currently planning to do that, but we use that for visible weapon inertia, hud alpha fading and the like
[16:10] <Viech> void ExponentialFade( float *value, float target, float lambda, float timedelta ) { *value = target + ( *value - target ) * exp( - lambda * timedelta ); }
[16:10] <Viech> the nice thing is that the timedelta allows you to use it in shared code and be in sync even with different framerates
[16:12] <Ensiform> hm
[16:12] <Viech> (weapon inertia means the weapon lags a bit when you turn around similiar to e.g. dayz, though it has no effect on the actual aim in unv)
[16:12] <spyhawk> Viech: thx. I guess that’s what we need to implement for FPS independant recoil\
[16:13] <Ensiform> possibly
[16:13] <Ensiform> using the cmd.serverTime ?
[16:14] <Viech> no problem timedelta is the frame time
[16:14] <Viech> #define CG_ExponentialFade( value, target, lambda ) ExponentialFade( (value), (target), (lambda), (float)cg.frametime * 0.001 );

Open Build Service

Provide packages for various Linux distributions.

Debug mode

Note: Optionally add +set developer 1 to the command line for more debug output.

# gdb --args ./etl +set r_fullscreen 0
# run
... wait until it crashes ...
# backtrace
... this will print useful info ...

Omnibot update

See https://github.com/etlegacy/etlegacy-tools

Coverity scan script

See https://github.com/etlegacy/etlegacy-tools