How to update an existing Enemy Territory dedicated server to ET: Legacy dedicated server (in 5 min)

Create a copy of your server files before you start!

1. Get the latest ET: Legacy.

2. Extract compressed downloaded file. For Linux systems use file etlded, for Windows etlded.exe.

3. Copy etlded(.exe) to your server path of Enemy Territory beside etded(.exe) - this is usually your fs_basepath.

4. Stop the game server and set correct chmod for etlded file (Linux only).

5. Start etlded(.exe) instead of etded(.exe) with new & empty fs_homepath (etlded +set fs_homepath "YOUR_NEW_HOMEPATH")

6. Done ^^ - have fun!

We don’t recomment to use the same path for fs_homepath and fs_basepath. We do remment to adjust some CVARs. Please read our wiki pages: List of cvars and FAQ.